Y-Brush by Fasteesh – clean your teeth in 10 seconds

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 1

Update March 2020: Shipments of Y-Brush did have continued to be delayed.

The first units are just beginning to ship with further shipments due over the coming months.

We have a brush on order. We wait for this to arrive and will complete a review as soon as it does.

Update January 2019:  Y-Brush achieved the $25,000 funding required. They actually raised $121,428 thanks to 1,438 backers.

The Fasteesh team are working hard to ensure the brush is on course to ship in April.  Like any project, small alterations and refinements are being made and it should be in February that they share photos of the final product.

Whilst it is not actually shipping yet, the company are showing off Y-Brush at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Reactions have been positive according to reports and many are keen to see the final product.

If you missed out on the original Kickstarter campaign, no worries, it is not too late to get in the queue.  You can now head over to Indiegogo and pre-order one for shipping when it is ready.

Without innovation and people questioning what you and I consider convention, we would not live in the diverse and wonderful world in which we live.

The humble toothbrush has existed for many hundreds of years, but as our article on the evolution of the electric toothbrush shows, it is within the last century that it has rapidly developed into the products we have today.

From timers, to pressure sensors, to Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone apps, the best electric toothbrushes today are far from what many would have imagined just 10-20 years ago.  Many question the need for such advances, when a basic manual brush is still very effective.

Despite all this innovation, there are some crazy statistics about just how poor the standard of oral hygiene is.

The 2014 Delta Dental Oral Health and Well-Being Survey held by the American Dental Association shows that a third of Americans don’t brush their teeth twice a day, and most brush for less than 2 minutes.

According to figures from the Australian Dental Association, almost half of adults and a third of children don’t brush their teeth twice a day, and most of them brush for around 45 seconds.

In France, the 2018 IFOP Survey held by the UFSBD (the equivalent of the French Dental Association) showed a quarter of the population don’t brush their teeth twice a day, and 10% brush less than once a day. The French population also use approximately 1.5 toothbrushes a year and only brush their teeth for 43 to 57 seconds.

If 2 minutes brushing twice a day are the official guidelines, something needs to be done to fix this right?

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 2

In 2017 came a possible solution, perhaps?

Amabrush, a mouthpiece toothbrush (click here to learn what a mouthpiece toothbrush is) that is capable of cleaning the teeth in just 10, yes 10 seconds, compared to the conventional 2 minutes was launched on Kickstarter.

At the time of writing Amabrush has not actually begun shipping to the 26,000+ campaign backers, who provided the company with over €3 million in funding to make the product a reality.  The final product is expected to be in backers hands before the end of the year.

As Amabrush captured the headlines, the team at Fasteesh were working hard to design and produce a similar styled product that launched on Kickstarter on July 11th 2018.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 3

The principle is the same as Amabrush, able to clean the teeth in just 10 seconds, but with some fundamental differences, which I will cover off shortly.

Available to back today, the company are looking to raise £18,940/$25,000.

Watch the following video to learn a little more and find out why, Y-Brush, might be the next gadget you invest in for your home.

Y-Brush - Your Best Tooth Brushing Experience Yet - [FULL VIDEO]

How can you brush for just 10 seconds?

So, the first question on your mind, if you have not already heard of these 10 second toothbrushes is, how can you brush your teeth in 10 seconds.

Well, here comes the maths.

The human mouth is composed of 32 teeth with 3 visible facets each (front, back and bottom), this means that humans have 96 “brushable” surfaces overall.

If the recommended time for teeth brushing is 2 minutes , then this means that each tooth surface should be brushed for at least 1.25 seconds or 3.75 seconds per tooth.

The design of Y-Brush means that it covers all 3 sides of the tooth when in use, rather than just 1 side with a regular toothbrush.

Therefore when 5 seconds are spent on the top arch of teeth and 5 seconds on the bottom arch, that is actually 3.75 seconds extra per tooth surface.

Basically, when brushing with Y-Brush, each tooth surface is getting cleaned for 3 times as long as it would under conventional brushing techniques.

All make sense?

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 5

How does it work?

There are 2 main parts to the Y-Brush 10 second toothbrush.

You have the handle and then a mouthpiece.

Inside the handle is the battery, motor and electronics that send vibrations to the detachable mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is the part of the brush that goes into the mouth and fits over the teeth in the upper and lower arch.

When connected, a simple press of the power button on the brush handle turns it on.  The bristles vibrate for 5 seconds before stopping.

You remove the mouthpiece, rotate it on the brush handle and place it over the opposite row of teeth to those you just cleaned.  Press the power button, let it run for 5 seconds and you are done.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 6

The bristles in the mouthpiece are made of nylon, the same material used on most manual and electric toothbrushes today.

After use, you need to rinse the head and you can dock it back on its charging stand for safe keeping when not in use.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 7

Features of Y-Brush

Lets look a little deeper at some of the features and things you should know about Y-Brush.

  • It uses the bass method

The Bass Method of brushing is the technique recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) and many other health bodies and organisations around the world.

It centres around the bristles of the brush pointing at your gumline at a 45 degree angle to effectively clean the area in between the tooth and gum where plaque builds up.

  • It uses nylon bristles

Nylon bristles are used on the majority of toothbrushes today and have proven themselves to be effective.

However, there are an increasing number of brushes that make use of silicone, which Fasteesh claim were not as effective in their testing.

Importantly the bristles are rounded for comfortable and worry free brushing.

  • Patented

Y-Brush has been 3 years in the making and has a patented design.

  • Use your own toothpaste

Y-Brush does not require any special toothpaste, but comes provided with it is an applicator that can be screwed onto a tube of toothpaste to help with the application into the mouthpiece.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 8
  • 3 sonic modes

There are 3 different settings available on Y-Brush to cater to the different sensitivities of users.

  • Flexible mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is made from flexible, food-grade,silicone-like material.

It is soft and gentle on the mouth and gums.

Essentially a U shape, the mouthpiece fits over the bottom or top row of teeth with comfort.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 9
  • 4 mouthpiece sizes

Y-Brush will have the option of 4 different sized mouthpieces.

2 for adults, 1 for children and an intermediary.

This is so that you can get the mouthpiece that is appropriately sized for your mouth.

  • Waterproof

The handle is made from ABS plastic and is designed in such a way that it is waterproof, so no need to worry about getting it wet.

  • 1 month of brushing on a single charge

After 8 hours on charge, the brush can last for a whole month between charges.

Based on 2 brushing sessions a day, each at 10 seconds that is about 10 minutes of total running time.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 10
  • Interchangeable

The mouthpieces can be easily disconnected from the handle, so that you can share handles but have your own mouthpiece.  Ideal for couples and families.

  • Wireless charging

Supplied with the kit is a docking station that connects to a power socket.  The handle itself sits on the charging stand, but needs no wires to be connected to it.  It charges wirelessly.

That docking station does too provide a home for up to 2 brush heads.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 11

Does it actually work?

Yes, apparently so.

I, nor anyone here at Electric Teeth has actually seen or used this product to comment first hand, but according to the team at Fasteesh, the company behind Y-Brush, feedback has been gained from over 3,000 people as well as many dental professionals.

Tests appear to show that the bristle motion is effective at plaque removal, the very reason we brush our teeth.

Their press release claims 15% more effective than a regular toothbrush, but electric toothbrush manufacturers like Sonicare and Oral-B make claims of 100% better than a manual.

How well it really works and how practical it is, will only really become apparent, once more of the general public and thorough product testers like ourselves get to use it.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 12

What does it cost?

At the time of writing, there are a number of different packages available at different price points.  All are cheaper than the expected final selling price, this is a benefit of backing the campaign early on Kickstarter.

The packages you get are as follows:

  • Super Early Bird -- Pledge of $79 or more
    • $110 off the retail price of $189
    • 1 x handle
    • 1 x mouthpiece
    • 1 x charging station
    • 1 x pod (to store the mouthpiece)
    • 1 x applicator
  • Couple Package Early Bird -- Pledge of $99 or more
    • $118 off the retail price of $214
    • 1 x handle
    • 2 x mouthpiece
    • 1 x charging station
    • 1 x pod (to store the mouthpiece)
    • 1 x applicator
  • Couple Package +Early Bird -- Pledge of $139 or more
    • $199 off the retail price of $338
    • 2 x handle
    • 2 x mouthpiece
    • 1 x charging station
    • 1 x pod (to store the mouthpiece)
    • 2 x applicator
  • Family+ Early Bird -- Pledge of $199 or more
    • $239 off the retail price of $438
    • 2 x handle
    • 4 x mouthpiece
    • 4 x charging station
    • 2 x pod (to store the mouthpiece)
    • 4 x applicator
Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 13

Where and when can I get it?

Y-Brush is available to order now via a Kickstarter campaign.

This runs until 5.30PM on the 19th August 2019.

Providing the campaign achieves its finance goal of $25,000 (which it looks likely it will),  based on the current projected roadmap, backers will get the Y-Brush in April 2019.

Why would I want it?

The biggest benefit is the time and hassle it saves.

It offers a more convenient and easy to use solution that other toothbrushes today.

It can save you time to allow you to do more of what is important to you.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 14

Do I still have to floss?

Yes.  Y-Brush does not replace the need to keep up other basic elements of an oral hygiene routine, including flossing.

Tech Specs

  • Brush
    • Measurements: variable according to sizes
    • Weight: around 0.88 ounces, variable according to sizes.
    • Materials: certified TPE for the base and nylon for the brisles.
  • Handle
    • Measurements: 3*2.8*1.2 inches
    • Weight: 2.45 ounces
    • Materials: Certified ABS
    • Speed: Vibration frequency =250Hz
    • Sound made by the mouthpiece does not exceed 45dB at 1
      meter distance.
    • Battery: The battery lasts up to 2 years. In terms of autonomy, it can last a month without being recharged.
  • Charging station
    • Measurements: 3.4*3.3*1.5 inches
    • Weight: 2.63 ounces
    • Materials: Certified ABS
  • Storing pods
    • Measurements: 3.4*1.6*1.5 inches
    • Weight: 0.53 ounces (MD)
    • Material: Certified ABS
  • Toothpaste Adaptor (kids)
    • Measurements : 2.2*1.6 * 1.8 inches
    • Weight : 0.5 ounce
    • Materials : Certified silicone + certified ABS
  • Toothpaste Adaptor (Adults)
    • Measurements : 1.4 * 0.6 * 0.6 inches
    • Weight : 0.2 ounce
    • Materials : Certified ABS and certified TPE

Who are Fasteesh?

Fasteesh is a startup based in Lyon, France.

It was founded by Benjamin Cohen (CEO) and Christophe Cadot (CTO).

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 15

Benjamin has many years of experience in medical devices, whilst Christophe is a doctor of science and manages much of the technical side of things.

The Fasteesh startup specialises in health sector products.

The company spearheaded the development of a patented technology which can brush teeth efficiently in 10 seconds, and it has consequently developed two devices based on this innovative invention:

  • A B2B product, aimed at dependent people and their caregivers. The labelled medical device is to be commercialised to long term
    accommodation and care facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.) in September of 2018.
  • Y-Brush, a B2C product, aimed at the general public (adults and children).

Fasteesh is backed by the French Public Investment Bank, has received the French Tech grant, is a member of the ECAM engineering school incubator and is the holder of numerous prizes and awards.

The Fasteesh team is currently made up of engineers, communicators, marketers and key opinion leaders in the health sector (dentists, medical doctors, geriatricians, dependency specialists, caregivers, etc.). The startup also relies on many partners from the official institutions and research facilities.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 16

How does it compare to Amabrush?

There are many similarities but some key differences between the 2.

This is not an extensive comparison, as quite simply it would not be fair until such time as both are actually available to use in real life, rather than just being Kickstarter campaigns.

The big difference is that Amabrush is a mouthpiece that fits both the bottom and top teeth at the same time and brushes for 10 seconds, both rows of teeth.

Y-Brush is designed to fit over just 1 row of teeth each time and brush for 5 seconds.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 17

The reason is, that Y-Brush believe the smaller mouthpiece is more comfortable and practical.  This makes complete sense, but does mean the cleaning process is fractionally longer.

Amabrush uses silicone bristles compared to the nylon of Y-Brush.

Nylon are a trusted standard, but silicone are slowing becoming a popular alternative.

More reasearch needs to be done into the effectiveness of silicone in comparison to nylon, but at this early stage, preference is generally for nylon.

Amabrush is set to have more accessories and features.  This includes Bluetooth connectivity, a UV sanitiser, their own toothpaste and more.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 18

Our thoughts

It is difficult to draw real conclusions and informed opinion without using the final product, which is not due until April 2019.

It is hard not to make direct comparison to Amabrush, who had such a successful kickstarter campaign and are without doubt pioneers within this space.

I very much like the concept of both.

Y-Brush appears to be more practical in the respect of it is likely to be less bulky in the mouth, but the convenience of a mouthpiece that covers both top and bottom teeth might be worth the slightly awkward fitting.

It seems a bit of a hassle to have to rotate the mouthpiece after 5 seconds.

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 19

4 different sized mouthpieces makes sense, particularly for adults and children, but 2 adult sized mouthpieces might just get complicated in working out which is right for you.  Ok, once, you know which one is right for you then great, but it seems a bit of a hassle.

I personally think the Amabrush design is better to look at, real-world use might be different.

Neither brush are proven in the real world to be better than a manual or electric, only time and more testing will allow for this.  In Y-Brush defence, they have shown images of their testing for plaque removal.

Given that Fasteesh have got such high profile backing within France, I am not entirely sure why they need to run this Kickstarter campaign.  Awareness? Extra funds?

I am just a little surprised that a startup with so much apparent success has not just gone ahead and made the product already.

I would have thought $25,000 would have been achievable if the company is making as many strides in the corporate markets as they suggest; then again there are huge costs involved!

Y-Brush by Fasteesh - clean your teeth in 10 seconds 20

It also seems odd that there is a limit to the number of backers.  Across the different packages, at the time of writing, 626 is the total number of packages that can be bought.  I do not understand the limit?!  More availability, means more backers, means more awareness and more happy customers?

Timescales also mean that Y-Brush is likely to be 6-8 months behind Amabrush, so will always be in their shadow, I would love to be proven wrong.

Whilst comparisons can, of course, be drawn between the 2 projects, only time will tell as to which proves to be the more dominant.  Perhaps both can be.

It would be fantastic to see 2 startups really shake up the slow moving world of dental and oral health and Fasteesh have my support.

Do you have a preference?

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

For more information head to the Y-Brush Kickstarter page today.


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    • Hi John.

      Yes and no. It has been shipped from France. However, it has not arrived as yet. The current pandemic slowing things down.

      But, it has shipped and we have a tracking number, so not too long now hopefully. 😁

      • That exciting news, been really interested in this product but a lot of mouth piece toothbrushes have flattered to deceive in the past. I work with families with special need children and this product (provided it works as expected) would make certainly help with morning routine adherence. Looking forward to the review

        • Hi John.

          Yes, it actually arrived a couple of weeks ago John.

          I have been putting it through its paces and the review should be online before the end of the week. I will update this post when it is available.👍

    • Hi Adam.

      Yes, indeed we will.

      Y-Brush are not shipping ‘final’ units until March/April time.

      We will go hands-on and offer a detailed review, once we have had time to test it.

      We will update this post once the review is available.

  1. Iwould love to know when those of us in the UK who pre-ordered, are likely to get them. There is very little info from this company and it is worrying that they are now taking actual orders but not yet satisfied those of us who pre-ordered aome time ago.

  2. Until one is able to get 3D-printed custom-made mouthpieces neither product is going to be very effective. Our mouths just are sized differently and most people have teeth that are for many reasons far from perfectly aligned.

    Still, using both truly on daily basis will be infinitely better than not brushing at all – or just sometimes.

    And yet, either way one should still need to floss his or her teeth regardless which 10 second cleaning product they get.

    People are inherently lazy. And if a person can’t be bothered with an electric brush… chances are that even “10 second” cleaning sessions prove to be much too much of a hassle to actually bother.

    Personally I use a cheap generic electric brush and floss using ZipRings. Most mornings, that is.

    I’m fully aware how lazy I am: there’s good chance I go to bed without brushing at all – let alone flossing AND brushing.

    People love to munch on something – anything – late in the evening. No one’s going to wait for that 30 minutes grace persio until it’s “safe” to brush before turning in. So people tend to skip brushing altogether.

    I’m no different. Instead I pop in a 100% xylitol pill in the mouth and suck on that and call it a day. Whenever I remember and whenever I happen to be packing pills during the day I suck on one (after lunches, dinners and trips to a cafes especially). Far from perfect but better than doing nothing.

    I just resign to the fact that I will probably have to meet with a dentist once a year to get all the accumulated plaque removed using ultrasonic. It ain’t fun but it ain’t nearly as painful as it used to be with the olden days of mechanical scraping and whatnot. THAT was the reason why all sane individuals steered well clear from dentists.

    Of course that will still be a burden to health care system which could probably be entirely avoided but with my strategy life will be mostly pleasant and only moderately needy (I’ve become really fast flosser all thanks to ZipRings – though I could do with a smaller size version), and those pesky ultrasonic sessions will be very short in deed if taken yearly.

    Don’t they recommend people paying yearly visits to a dentist at any rate (not that many do) whether there’s a reason or not – just to see that everything’s fine and dandy. I believe my yearly taxes should cover one single ultrasonic plaque removal session per year. I don’t use health care services for anything else if I can help it – and my track record of not having to use health care services has been phenomenal even if I say so myself (knock on wood).

    Be that as it may I’m pretty sure I’m going to die of something else than of poor dental hygiene. Not to say we shouldn’t all still strive for having good – or at the very least acceptable – dental hygiene. But there’s so much more to life than dental hygiene. True.

    • Captain Awesome…what a name!

      You have left a very detailed comment which touches on many points that I think others will resonate with, I know I do.

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