uFunbrush – an automatic toothbrush that cleans your teeth in 10 seconds

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We have now been hands-on with uFunbrush.

Read our full review of uFunbrush here.

Update August 2019: Ufunbrush achieved its funding goal, gaining a whopping $236,716 in backer funding.  It has been subject to some delays and the final units are in production.  Units will be with backers soon.  You can now order from www.ufunbrush.com.  We have our own unit on order and expect to have a full review live later this year.  This post will be updated once that review is available.

uFunbrush is an exciting new brush that can automatically clean your teeth in just 10 seconds. We have explained more about this kind of brush and how it works in our mouthpiece toothbrushes article.

It has already hit its $30,000 goal on Kickstarter, which means production will be going ahead. You can take advantage of early-bird pricing by placing an order before November 27th.

uFunbrush takes its name from the ‘u-shape’ mouthpiece, which is made with heat-resistant, non-toxic, non-sticky, odourless, food grade liquid silicone.

Whilst it’s also suitable for adults, uFunbrush is mainly targeted at children, thus the ‘fun’ part to the name. Its aim is to make brushing quicker, more fun and less of a chore. The logic is that it’s much easier to get your kids to brush twice a day – and do a proper job – if it’s just a case of popping the device in their mouths, pressing power, and waiting for 10 seconds. uFunbrush also comes with a variety of stickers to further entice kids to enjoy their brushing.

uFunbrush is similar to another Kickstarter project we have written about recently, called Amabrush. uFunbrush is aimed more towards children thanks to its stickers, but both products claim to do the same thing: automatically clean your teeth within 10 seconds.

Another difference is that Amabrush is rechargeable (it ships with a basic charger or a wireless charger depending on your pledge), whereas uFunbrush is battery powered. According to the Kickstarter page, 1 x AAA battery will power uFunbrush for 600 sessions, which equates to 10 months if you use it twice a day. The Amabrush spec says it will last for 28 sessions (two weeks) from one charge.

Each method has its pros and cons – replacement batteries are an extra cost (albeit small at the suggested rate), whereas Amabrush brush needs to be recharged every two weeks. If you’re choosing between the two, this may be a factor you take into account.

Amabrush is still available to back on Kickstarter, although most rewards have now ended, and other have limited availability. The cheapest pledge available looks to be 79 Euros (just over $90), with delivery estimated for December 2017.

The early bird offer for uFunbrush is currently $59 with delivery expected in February 2018, so if you’re happy to wait slightly longer you can pick up a cheaper deal.

The video for uFunbrush on the Kickstarter page says the product has been 6 years in the making. The page also run through how the brush works, but to provide a quick summary:

How uFunbrush works

There are four steps to using uFunbrush

1. Fill the uFunbrush mouthpiece with toothpaste.
2. Put the uFunbrush mouthpiece into your / your child’s mouth and hit the power button.
3. uFunbrush will then automatically clean the teeth and turn itself off after TEN seconds!
4. Thoroughly rinse the uFunbrush mouthpiece so that it’s ready for its next use.

Electric Teeth Opinion

Both uFunbrush and Amabrush sound like promising advances in toothbrushing technology.

If they work as effectively and as effortlessly as suggested, it will make it much easier to clean your own teeth and your kids teeth properly, and take up a fraction of the current time spent brushing.

Current advice is to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, which may not seem like that much time to save, but for us the big benefit will be a consistent brush; it can be easy to brush one tooth for  longer than another or to brush your teeth too hard, so having a device that handles this automatically could ensure much better dental health overall.

We’ll look to complete a review of both of these brushes to see how they stack up against our current recommendations.

To place an order or for more information on uFunbrush, including animated photos, explainer videos, and a close up look at the technology, visit the uFunbrush Kickstarter Page.


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  1. I have just received my Ufunbrush on September 15, 2019, after having ordered on Indigogo in March 2018 – so, some patience is required.
    My first experience however is very similar to the experience of Jon described in his review of the Amabrush… it is not cleaning very well.

  2. Hi
    Inwouldtlove to biy this product but dont know where to buy it or how to contact the maker
    Can you steer me right direction?

    • Hi Vince,

      I am not sure exactly what has happened in the shipping of this product.

      You will need to speak to the product creators where you backed the product on Kickstarter, to get a precise update on your order.

      From what I understand, they have begun the final phase of test production before going into final production, therefore it should be shipping very soon and things are progressing, even if a bit behind schedule.

      I can see that the last update (available only to backers) was August 31st, you can see this here.

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