Best Toothbrush Holders & Storage Compartments

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Do you have 1 or more toothbrushes in your bathroom that look messy and are always in the way?

Have you got a number of different toothbrush head lying about that need a home?

Perhaps you have tube of toothpaste that you don’t like on show.

In this post, I am going to share with you some of the best options you have for giving your toothbrush a home.

I look at wall mounted toothbrush holders, suction toothbrush holders, toothbrush stands and more.

I hope to show you some of the best ways to store a toothbrush in your bathroom, whether it is a manual or electric brush that you own.

To give you a reliable answer, I have researched bought and tested various holders.

The article is broken up into four main components:

Yoassi Large Toothbrush Holder
  • Stainless steel
  • Spacious
  • Heavy duty
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Suction Toothbrush Holder
  • Suction cup for easy fitting
  • Holds up to 4 toothbrushes
  • Quality materials
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Simplelife Suction Cup Toothbrush Holder
  • Holds 4 toothbrushes
  • Secure suction cup fitting
  • Premium materials
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iLifeTech Unique Design Wall Mount Auto Toothpaste Dispenser Toothbrush Holder
  • Holds 5 manual toothbrushes
  • Cover over the brush heads
  • Includes toothpaste dispenser
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Nincha Electric Toothbrush Head Holder
  • Suitable for Oral-B
  • Holds 2 brush handles
  • Holds 4 brush heads
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Our Top 5 Picks For Best Toothbrush Holder

Most electric toothbrushes will stand upright.  Most manual toothbrushes will not.

Although, the charging stand that comes supplied with electric toothbrushes is what most leave their brush sat on, there are some alternative options to consider.

For me, even before I really began testing lots of different toothbrushes, brush heads and dental accessories I realised I have a problem, particularly with my electric toothbrush.

My issue was that both I and my partner have our own electric toothbrushes.  We have different brush heads for different cleaning modes and there is no power in our bathroom so the charging stands are elsewhere.  

This meant more often than not the brush heads and the brushes themselves were stood upright on the bathroom shelf.  

The problem here is none are all that stable and a bit of a knock and before you know it toothbrush jenga ensues.  When this happens I get a little mad!

So I looked at what options existed and I present my findings in this post.

Now my needs might be slightly different to yours.  I am not going to conclude this by saying there is one perfect option, but instead, show the pros and cons for the ones I have tested for you to make an informed decision on which might be right for you.

Today there are some very neat solutions to brush storage that exist.

1. Yoassi Large Toothbrush Holder

This stainless steel holder is a great accessory for any bathroom and can serve as more than just a toothbrush holder.

This large stainless steel holder can store not only your toothbrush, but a tube of toothpaste and other items too if you like.

It is particularly appealing for families where you may need to store multiple toothbrushes and products.

There are 6 slots or compartments in total. 2 are designed to hold larger items like tubes of paste, then you have 2 medium slots, into which electric toothbrushes should fit. You then have a further 2 smaller sections which will take a toothbrush, a razer, a makeup brush etc.

The stainless steel is durable and the 4 feet on the holder have non-slip rubber caps to stop it slipping all over the countertop.

Ideal for families, this is a sturdy solution that can keep all your items neatly together.

The whole unit measures 5.5 inches wide x 3.1 inches deep and 3.94 inches tall.

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Yoassi Tooth Brush Holder, Extra-Large Stainless Steel Multi-functional Bathroom Storage Organizer Toothpaste Holder 6 Slots for Electric Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Facial Cleanser, Comb Yoassi Tooth Brush Holder, Extra-Large Stainless Steel Multi-functional Bathroom Storage Organizer... 35 Reviews £13.99 £8.99

2. Suction Toothbrush Holder

This is a smart and simple manual toothbrush holder that can take up to 4 toothbrushes.  It cannot or is not designed for electric brushes.

Finished in chrome it looks smart and sleek in most bathrooms.

Measuring 11 x 1 x 1cm the holder sticks to a flat wall via 2 suction cups, one at each end of the holder.

Being a suction toothbrush holder, it means it is not permanently fixed in place and can be moved as and when you please.

A very flat surface like a mirror or smooth tile is best for a secure fit.  A painted wall or uneven tile surfaces will usually not allow this holders suction cups to securely mount.

Whilst the brushes remain exposed they are held from just under the brush head and can be lifted off a surface or out of a glass, keeping the bristles of each brush away from each other reducing the spread of bacteria.

The criticism with this holder is that is that I felt some other holders actually held the brush heads a bit more securely.

3. Simplelife Suction Cup Toothbrush Holder

This suction cup toothbrush holder is designed to be mounted on flat surfaces like a mirror or tiled wall.

Once positioned, the strong suction cup mount holds the unit in place and the chrome holder has 4 slots to hold manual toothbrushes.

By positioning this on a wall or mirror, you are lifting the brushes up off of the bathroom countertop giving more usable space.

Although the primary fitting option is the suction cup, an adhesive pad and screws are included if you want a more permanent fitting

Made from stainless steel this holder is designed to not only look the part but be rust proof too.

Preview Product Rating Price
Toothbrush Holder Suction Cup MIRROR, WALL, TILE, any surface mount, DOES NOT FALL, toothbrush holder wall mount Toothbrush Holder Suction Cup MIRROR, WALL, TILE, any surface mount, DOES NOT FALL, toothbrush... 184 Reviews £11.75

4. iLifeTech Unique Design Wall Mount Auto Toothpaste Dispenser Toothbrush Holder

More than just a toothbrush holder this is an all in one solution that includes a novel toothpaste dispenser too!

It holds up to 5 manual toothbrushes, which are held in place by plastic supports just under the head of the brush, leaving the neck and handle to dangle below.  The brush heads are encased in plastic cover protecting them from dust debris and bacteria.

Whilst protected by the cover air can pass in and out to dry the heads off is moist and ensure there is no stale air building up or around the heads.

A convenient and hygienic solution the whole system is manually operated and no power is needed.

This becomes a wall mounted toothbrush holder when you use the 3M adhesive tape provided. This is perhaps one of the weaknesses of this product.  It may not stick that well to all surfaces, something like tile is best but over time may loosen due to pressure on the adhesive tape.

With a wall mounted design brushes and the toothpaste can be lifted off worktop and shelf surfaces to free up space and offer a potentially neater organisation option.

Whilst functional and relatively good value for the price paid, the quality is not the best, but perfectly functional and all round good value for money in my opinion.

The toothpaste dispenser is a good idea and is gravity fed.  This means there may still be some paste left in the tube towards the end and as you start a new tube, unless using the same toothpaste, you might get a small mix of whatever is left in the system.

The tube sticks out of the top which is not always ideal but it’s functional.  The front cover pulls off when you need to replace the tube and small magnets hold the front cover in place.

Preview Product Rating Price
iLifeTech Auto Toothpaste Dispenser Toothbrush Holder set iLifeTech Auto Toothpaste Dispenser Toothbrush Holder set 246 Reviews £10.99

5. Nincha Electric Toothbrush Head Holder

This electric toothbrush head and handle stand will take up a reasonable amount of work surface space, but it is one of the most simple yet effective options available.

What is particularly novel is that this holder has a space for you to fit your Oral-B charging stand into, but an additional moulded plastic holder to sit a brush on.  This means you could actually sit 2 brushes on this stand.

Upright support is given to 4 brush heads, all of which are uncovered but not touching each other.

The curved white plastic is practical and functional, if not stylish.

The downside is the little prongs that the brush heads sit on are almost too tight for the brush head.  A very secure fit, you need to hold the stand as you pull the brush head off.  The plastic is thin and lightweight.  If there was a little extra weight to the bottom this might not be such an issue.

Compatible with Oral-B electric toothbrushes and heads only.

Preview Product Rating Price
Nincha Electric Toothbrush Head Holder With Electric Toothbrush Stand for Oral-B Nincha Electric Toothbrush Head Holder With Electric Toothbrush Stand for Oral-B 18 Reviews £3.99

Which Oral-B and Sonicare electric toothbrushes come with brush head storage?

There are a few different models that come with brush head storage options, primarily these are offered by Oral-B rather than Sonicare.

However, the storage options differ here too.

Some are simple stands that just hold the brush heads upright, whilst there are options of covers over the heads too.

The Oral-B models with brush head storage:

  • Smart 4 4000 – Brush head stand that holds 2 heads upright
  • Smart 5 5000 – Brush head tray that holds 4 heads and has a lid to cover them
  • Smart 6 6000 – Brush head stand that holds 2 heads upright
  • Genius 8000 – Brush head tray that holds 4 heads and has a lid to cover them
  • Genius 9000 – Brush head tray that holds 4 heads and has a lid to cover them
  • Genius X 20000 – Brush head tray that holds 4 heads and has a lid to cover them

In all instances, these brush head holders are of plastic construction and have a placement for the charging stand to fit.  Fitting around the charging stand makes for a neater solution.

Either can be purchased as aftermarket accessories even if they did not come with the brush in the first place.

Purchase the Oral-B 2 brush head holder and the Oral-B 4 brush head holder.

The Sonicare models with brush head storage:

Unlike Oral-B fewer models come with such brush head storage, but if you consider the UV Sanitisers provided on some models this does then provide storage.

  • FlexCare Platinum Connected HX9191/06 – UV Sanitiser
  • FlexCare+ HX6972/03 – UV Sanitiser
  • DiamondClean Smart 9700 – Brush head storage compartment

The benefits of a toothbrush holder & storage compartment

This is what I believe to be the key pros of using some form of storage compartment or holder for your toothbrush.

  • Neat and convenient storage solution – Keeps brushes in their place and can free up worktop/storage space, particularly if the holder is wall mounted.
  • Keeps the brush upright – Most either hold or store the brushes/brush heads in an upright position to assist in removing moisture from the head and keeping it easily accessible.
  • Protects against the spread of bacteria – If toothbrushes touch each other, which is commonplace in a family environment where all brushes are stored in a glass, the bacteria can be passed from one head to another.  Whilst relatively rare in reality, it is perfectly possible that infections and disease can be passed from one brush to another.  A holder often separates each brush head to avoid this contact.
  • Protects against splashes and damage – Some storage options have covers or means by which the brush heads are somewhat protected from splashes of moisture or dirt and dust that they could become exposed to when left uncovered.

The drawbacks of a toothbrush holder & storage compartment

Ok so it’s not all roses with these options, some of the drawbacks are.

  • Cost – This is an added expense to purchase a dedicated toothbrush holder and some of the better ones are not cheap although when the overall life is considered, most offer good value.
  • Quality – Sadly not all holders are made equal and some of the cheaper ones show a lack of quality immediately or soon after purchase.
  • Fiddly – Some options feel more hassle than a convenience
  • Fun – Particularly for children, there are options with fin designs and colours that could help make what might be considered a chore, a little more appealing.

What makes a great toothbrush or toothbrush head stand for one person might not work for another, for whatever reason.

Your comments and opinions

I welcome your feedback and insight on any other products you think I should consider for the list.

Leave a comment below, so that I can check it out and others can see your recommendations.

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