SweetLF Review

SweetLF Electric Toothbrush Review


  • 3 cleaning modes
  • Built in timer
  • Long battery life
  • USB charging
  • Value for money


  • Unknown brand
  • Travel bag

Editors Note

October 2019 – The SweetLF electric toothbrush has been discontinued. It is no longer available for sale.

The 3 BIG Questions about the SweetLF electric toothbrush

If you are short of time, the answers to the following 3 questions should let you know all you need to about the SweetLF.  If we have missed something, let us know in the comments.

If you want more detail, you can read our full SweetLF electric toothbrush further down the page.

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush?

Considering the price and the features there is not anything wrong with this brush at all.

The only question or possible concern is, technically how good is the SweetLF electric toothbrush?!  There are no detailed studies into its performance in comparison to a manual brush or other larger and more reputable brands.

2. Which other brushes should I consider?

Given that the SweetLF offers quite a lot for the money, the alternatives to consider depend on whether you are more interested in the price or the features.

However, the best alternatives to consider in my mind are the Oral-B Pro 2 2500 and the Fairywill electric toothbrush.

The Oral-B is from a more trusted brand and has similar, but not all the same features and certainly worse battery life.  The Fairywill on the other hand pretty much matches like for like on the feature front but is a bit cheaper.

3. Where is the best place to buy the SweetLF electric toothbrush?

SweetLF sell their products through Amazon only.

Sadly these means that there is little choice when it comes to buying the brush.

What this does mean though is that there are a variety of delivery options, from swift next day delivery to free delivery too.

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And now for a bit more detail….

Oral-B, Sonicare and Colgate are the big name brands in many countries of the world, dominating the electric toothbrush market.

However, thanks to the advancement of technology, international shipping and a more globally connected world, we are able to enjoy a greater array of brushes, many from far eastern companies and the SweetLF is one example.

What brands like SweetLF bring is often similar products at a much lesser price as there are not the same affiliated costs with the products.

The downside to this is the lack of brand reputation and clinical trials to back up the quality of their products, but this need not mean we overlook them in favour of the big brands.

What’s in the box

  • SweetLF Electric Toothbrush
  • 2 x Standard Cleaning Brush Head and 1 x Sensitive Brush Head
  • Charging stand
  • Travel bag
  • Documentation

Key Features

  • 3 cleaning modes (Clean, White and Sensitive)
  • 2 minute timer
  • 30 second pacer
  • Up to 48,000 movements per minute
  • Up to 60 days battery life
  • IPX7 rated

Pros & Cons

Here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of the SweetLF toothbrush.

The positives

  • Battery life – Up to 60 days usage time.
  • Price – Pretty decent value for money given the features on offer here.
  • USB charging – It feels a more current and typical of today’s electronics and is internationally accepted.

The negatives

  • Brand/support – An unknown brand to most with a 15 month warranty.
  • Travel bag – Whilst it serves a purpose it is not as tough nor as desirable as I would really have liked.
  • Availability – The brush and heads are available only from Amazon and cannot be purchased from local retailers.

Design, Usability, Clean & General Use

I want to start by addressing the potential big issue with this brush.  This issue is really knowing the quality of it and how well it cleans.

Big brands like Colgate, Oral-B and Sonicare have conducted many clinical trials to confirm their effectiveness, many independent studies have too been carried out.

They are recognised as being reputable, providing a benefit and generally being beneficial to our oral health.

With a lot of lesser known brands, particularly those from the far east there is less attention on getting this sort of verification and credibility.

There are often claims made by the manufacturer, but the supporting evidence is weak, if at all documented.

SweetLF claim themselves ‘better oral health in 14 days’.  How is this so?  

Well, whilst I see no sporting evidence, I do know from experience, that the benefits of an electric toothbrush can in almost all cases (where the user has previously been using only a manual toothbrush) have such positive results.

Now, it would be great if there was comprehensive evidence and clinical trials, but even the big boys fund these, so although they are supposed to be impartial, how impartial are they really?!

Dentists, hygienist and other dental professionals will likely recommend the bigger brands for a variety of reasons.  Firstly they have normally used and seen their products first hand, they will likely have received and been exposed to those brands more and in many cases they are sponsored or have commercial interest to recommend those products.

Now, I would not suggest that these brands are using money, power and influence to achieve the success they have, but it is possible that they are so big because of this.

If you were to ask your dentist how good is the SweetLF toothbrush or that from Fairywill or any other Chinese brand, they will likely have not have heard of or used the product to be able to say, hence they will advise those products they know.

Modern technology and the information available does allow the brands like SweetLF to make comparable products because it is easy to copy what others do.  Yes the clinical information to say how well a brush cleans might not be present, but often just from seeing or using the brush you can tell it is working.

Having personally used a plaque disclosing tablet then brushed, my less than technical observation is that it cleans as well as most other premium brand brushes I have used.

Hopefully that kind of covers what might for some be a bit of a concern in considering the SweetLF as a serious contender.

Now, let’s take a look at the SweetLF brush in more detail.

It is a smart looking unit, although perhaps a little bulkier than I had imagined.  It is somewhere in between an Oral-B Pro and Sonicare brush handle in terms of thickness and weight.  It actually gets thicker at the top than it is at the bottom.

Made up of 2 mains parts like all other electric toothbrushes, you have the detachable brush head and then the main brush handle itself.

The main brush handle is primarily White in colour, with a large dark Blue/Black panel on the front.

This large front panel is actually where the different cleaning modes are lit up as well as battery information.

Above the panel is the one and only button on the handle.  This is the power button.  

Press it once to turn the brush on, press it again to begin cycling through the 3 cleaning modes and press and hold to turn the brush off.

On the neck of the brush handle is a polished Silver ring that adds a design element to the handle.

At the bottom of the brush is another Silver coloured ring, this time a more matt finish.

On the back of the brush handle is a series of slight grooves cut into the plastic body.  Still fairly smooth to the touch the ovalish shape to these groves work to offer up grip to the fingertip when in hand.

Take a look at the very bottom of the brush and there is a recess into which the prong on the charging stand fits for charging the brush.

The brush heads connect to the top of the brush handle, sliding on and off the metal shaft that pokes out from the top of the brush handle and delivers the power from the motor to the brush head.

Built into the brush handle is a battery, a rechargeable battery that last up to 60 days.

It is charged via an inductive charging stand provided in the box, this connects to a USB power socket or mains adapter.

I explain the battery performance and charging in more detail in the ‘battery life’ section of the review.

3 cleaning modes are built into the brush, they each last for 2 minutes and each use a different amount of power available from the built in motor.

The modes are clean, white and sensitive.  They operate at 41,000, 48,000 and 38,000 vibrations per minute respectively.

The use of the different modes does affect the battery usage time.

Assuming using the same mode all of the time, form a full charge the brush will last a maximum of 110 minutes on the clean mode, 85 on whitening and 250 minutes on sensitive.

Which mode you choose to use is up to you.  You may chose to use a combination.

Clean is the mode that most will choose to use on a daily basis as it gives an overall deep clean, whilst the Sensitive mode is best for those suffering with sensitivity in the teeth and gums as a result of infection, surgery or just suffer from sensitivity issues.

3 brush heads are provided in the box, 2 x ‘Cleaning Brush’ as they are classed and 1 x Sensitive.

The sensitive head is much softer. SweetLF suggest first time users go for this brush head, but you do not have to.  Find the head you prefer.  The 2 x more standard cleaning heads have stiffer bristles and neither have fading indicator bristles as found on the likes of Sonicare and Oral-B brush heads.

Oddly and rather frustrating is the fact you can only buy the standard heads in packs of 2 at present at £9.99.  You can’t seem to buy the Sensitive heads separately at this time.

The brush feels very powerful and you can really feel the bristles moving in the mouth.  Despite having tried many brushes, I felt a bit of a tingling sensation as I used it.  Not painful, almost like a tickle.  Odd I know, but the power is noticeable, particularly in comparison to Sonicare.

As strong as the vibration is, it is dampened so it does not really get wasted or felt through the brush handle.

My mouth did feel clean and fresh after every use.

Sadly there is no pressure sensor, which would be a nice touch and you do not even hear the motor strain if you apply too much pressure to the head.  Just something to be aware of.

The handle does have a 2 minute timer and pacer built in which are vital to encourage cleaning for the right amount of time.

Power the brush on, at 30 seconds a slight pause in the motor will change the sound and stop the bristle movement to alert you to then move to the next quadrant of the mouth.

At the end of the 2 minutes the brush automatically powers off.

It does too remember which cleaning mode was selected and will automatically select that when the brush is powered on the next time.

In the box is a travel bag/case.

Best described as a small pencil case or really small wash bag, it holds the handle and a couple of heads, but they are all squeezed in and zipped shut.  It is a soft bag and not a hard case like almost all other travel cases.  

Although it will stop the brush getting dirty and stop moisture from the bristles getting on other items in a bag, it will not stop against an impact or potential activation.

Included in the box with each brush head is a small travel cap which does protect the bristles somewhat.  Clear in colour it slides over the head to protect it.  They are easily lost however.

The handle is water resistant and is IPX7 rated, meaning it can be immersed in fresh water at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.  It is therefore fine to use this in the shower and rinse it under the tap.

All in all this is a fair amount of brush you get and it’s backed by a 15 month warranty from SweetLF.

A very short manual is included, in a variety of languages.  It has not been written by a native English speaker, but is understandable.

Summary of Design, Usability, Clean & General Use

  • Smart looking brush with a good weight to it.
  • A single power button turns the brush on and changes the cleaning modes
  • 3 cleaning modes, Clean, White and Sensitive
  • 3 brush heads included, 2 x Cleaning brush and 1 x Sensitive brush head
  • Can only buy replacement cleaning brush heads
  • Cleans the teeth well
  • No pressure sensor
  • 30 second and 2 minute timer built in
  • Automatic power off.
  • IPX7 rated to resist water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1m
  • Provided travel bag lacks protection
  • 15 month warranty provided

Battery Life

If you thought a Sonicare brush with a 3 week battery life was good, think again.

This boasts up to 60 days of continuous battery life, at worse 3 weeks, equivalent to a Sonicare when using the much more powerful white mode.

It is the least powerful sensitive mode that lasts as much as 60 days.

Use the Clean mode and you will get about a month from the built in battery.

SweetLF’s quoted running times are:

  • Clean – 110 minutes
  • Whitening – 85 minutes
  • Sensitive – 250 minutes

The usage time will vary should you switch between modes..

Sealed inside the handle it is a lithium-ion battery, which is now most common on electric toothbrushes.

It recharges via indicative technology, which does not rely on the physical contact of metal charging pins or anything like this, but instead the movement of electricity between two coils of wire, one within the charging stand and the other within the brush handle.  

Essentially it is like wireless charging some smartphones use.

This helps with keeping the brush watertight.

The brush handle has a recess on the bottom of it, into which the prong on the charging stand fits.

It takes up to 15 hours to fully charge the brush from flat.

The stand provided in the box for charging the brush has a cable of about 1 meter in length wired into it.  At the end of this cable is a USB Type A connector.

Connect this into a USB port on a computer, wall socket or mains adapter you may have to charge the brush.  When charging the battery indicator flashes.

It works on 100-240v making it suitable for international use.

Unlike some brushes that come with a 2 pin connector for power sockets found in UK bathrooms, this is in my opinion more universally appealing.

The battery is not user replaceable so should it fail you will need to speak to SweetLF or replace the brush subject to the age of the brush.

Summary of Battery Life

  • Battery built into brush handle
  • Impressive running time
    • Clean – 110 minutes of running time
    • Whitening – 85 minutes of running time
    • Sensitive – 250 minutes of running time
  • Charges via inductive charging
  • Takes up to 15 hours to charge
  • USB Type A connector for charging
  • Works on 100-240V


The price of the brush and what it is really worth is subjective.

What I see as great value you may not and vice versa, but I think it is fairly clear that what this brush offers is a very reasonable amount of features and box contents for the price.

The recommended retail price is £69.99, but there is no point really acknowledging this as the real selling price is about £30, so 50% off.

At £30, this is not the cheapest electric toothbrush, but far from the most expensive and still packs a real punch given it offers so much.

Taking into consideration that premium brands, there is no Oral-B or Sonicare model that matches like for like.

The closest practical alternative from Sonicare is about £75, so a £45 premium, but Oral-B have the Pro 2 2500 which is actually very aggressively priced and is selling for about the same £30 price point as SweetLF and a 3 year warranty included.   Battery life is considerably inferior and there is not the convenience of USB charging.

Whilst I cannot really fault the SweetLF, I am personally swayed to the Oral-B from a peace of mind and familiarity perspective.

Brush heads are a factor to consider.

Oral-B heads work out at around £3.25 a time (on average) to replace where the SweetLF are coming in at £5.

A calculation we like to do here at Electric Teeth is price the brush over a 3 year period, to try and work out a rough average cost of ownership.

Take the £30 buy price, factor in the cost of replacement heads required and over 3 years you are looking at a cost of £80 or 7p per day to own.

This does not include the cost of electric, toothpaste etc.  

Extra value could be obtained by actually sharing the brush handle with other users.

Please note that all costs quoted are approximates and prices will vary based on location, supplier, time of purchase.  These figures should not be relied on as hard fact but as a guide, based on real information at the time of writing.

Summary of Price

  • Recommended retail price of £69.99
  • Generally available with 50% or more off RRP; circa £30
  • Works out at around 7p per day over 3 years
  • Oral-B Pro 2 2500 is a good alternative at a similar price
  • Share brush handle with another user to extend value

Reliability & Long Term Use

The SweetLF toothbrush comes with a 15 month warranty, this is shorter than the 2-3 years offered by many of the brands we are familiar with, but still better than some other lesser known manufacturers producing electric toothbrushes today.

Whilst we do not have the equipment to put this brush through extensive durability and reliability testing, nor are we engineers or specialists to be able to say how well the internal components fare in comparison to other equivalent products.

However, we speak from hands on experience using and looking in detail at the brush and comparing to the many others we have on hand.

There is a solid feel to the handle, it looks well constructed with no obvious, gaps build quality issues.

Unlike it’s competitor Fairywill, it feels more robust and better built, even if it is a bit larger and heavier.

There is just one main function button reducing the failure points.

Most electric toothbrushes are built with an expected life of 3-5 years.  I suspect that based on the price it will last closer to 3 than 5 years, but by this point you will have gotten excellent value from it in my mind.

Should something go wrong, if it is within the 15 month warranty period, SweetLF will support you, most likely via offering a replacement rather than having to return it.  Full support details are included with the brush at the time of purchase and the resulting action should something go wrong is always at the manufacturer’s discretion.


This is a good electric toothbrush, it is well made, has a reasonable box contents, cleans well and has a stunning battery life.

I cannot really criticise this brush.  The biggest cause for concern is the lack of clinical research into the performance of the brushes ability to clean and the brand itself.

The clean I have addressed personally and do not feel like it is inferior.

As much as this brush does technically offer a better spec than its counterparts for the price, I can’t help but think the Oral-B Pro 2 2500 is a more trusted purchase, even if there are a couple of sacrifices to be made.

Electric Teeth Rating

Size Guide

  • Height (without head) – 18.3cm
  • Height (with head) – 24.7cm
  • Width – 3.2cm
  • Thickness – 3.2cm
  • Weight (without head) – 122g
  • Weight (with head) – 128

All are approximates


  • Is the SweetLF an oscillating brush?
    • No.
  • What is clean mode?
    • This is a deep cleaning mode that most will use on a daily basis with the brush head moving 41,000 times per minute.
  • What is white mode?
    • The most powerful mode that really buffs the teeth clean with 48,000 brush head movements per minute.
  • What is sensitive mode?
    • A more gentle and softer cleaning mode, that moves at up to 38,000 times a minute and give the brush the longest battery run time.
  • Does it have any other cleaning modes?
    • No, it has 3 cleaning modes Clean, White and Sensitive.
  • What brush head does it come with and what alternative ones can be used?
    • The brush comes with 3 heads included.  1 X Sensitive and 2 x Cleaning brush for everyday use.  There are no alternatives that fit or can be used at this time.  Replacement heads can be purchased from SweetLF via Amazon, but at this time only the standard heads.
  • Does the SweetLF have a pressure sensor?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does the SweetLF have Bluetooth?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does the SweetLF come with a warranty & how long is it?
    • Yes, it comes with a 15 month warranty.
  • Does the SweetLF have a built in timer?
    • Yes.  The timer will active at 30 second intervals, with the brush turning itself off at 2 minutes.  
  • How long does the battery last?
    • The brush lasts up to 60 days.  The running/usage time depends on the cleaning mode selected.
      • Clean – 110 minutes
      • Whitening – 85 minutes
      • Sensitive – 250 minutes
  • Does it come with a charger?
    • Yes, a charging station is included.
  • Can I use the SweetLF in the shower?
    • Yes.  The handle is IPX7 rated making it safe to use in the shower.
  • Does it come with a travel case?
    • Yes, a basic travel bag is included to hold the brush and heads.

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Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the SweetLF electric toothbrush?  

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about this brush and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.


The SweetLF electric toothbrush spoken about in this review was provided by SweetLF’s marketing department.  Electric Teeth did not purchase this model. No financial reward was provided to conclude the review the way that we did.

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  1. Hello,

    I have bought 2 pieces of this toothbrush and am out of fresh heads for both. there is no opportunity to order new heads since long. Is that a marketing trick? I would appreciate it a lot, if someone helps in this case. I payed around 80 Euros for both. So there has to be a solution.

    Thank You

  2. Thanks for this article. I bought one o these brushes and like it. Now, I need replacement heads but when you go to Amazon, there is a message saying no longer in stock and not sure when it may be back…Are there other heads that are compatible? Phillips Sonicare? Any?

    • Greg, I don’t know of any other compatible heads. Have you tried contacting the seller to see if they can provide any extra information on availability?

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