Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 vs Pro 7000

Which one would we choose?

Our Choice: The SmartSeries 5000 (view on Amazon)
2nd Choice: The Pro 7000 (view on Amazon)


The SmartSeries 5000 brush featured in this comparison has been replaced by a new upgraded model.

The new version of this brush is the Oral-B Smart 5 5000 (view on Amazon).

You can find out more about it and what we think of it by viewing our Oral-B Smart 5 5000 review.

Electric Teeth Verdict:

Two of the more premium models available, the primary differences are the battery life and travel case.

Whilst the Pro 7000 is the ‘better’ brush, there comes a point where the cost vs return becomes difficult to justify.  This is the vase when comparing the 7000 to the 5000.

The 7000 is better suited to a traveller with advanced requirements.

For the vast majority, the SmartSeries 5000 will serve you perfectly well with multiple cleaning modes, slim body, rigid construction and the included accessories.

That being said, we’d also recommend considering some of the newer brushes included in our roundup here.

Oral-B Smart 5 5000
1,110 Reviews
Oral-B Smart 5 5000
  • Up to 100 percent more plaque removal: Round head cleans better for healthier gums
  • Better brushing results with real-time feedback as you brush
  • Protect your gums: Pressure sensor alerts you if you brush too hard
  • Gently whitens your teeth starting from day 1 by removing surface stains
  • Battery lasts more than 2 weeks with one charge

Key differences

  • The Pro 7000 has 5 cleaning modes (Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening and Deep Clean) compared to the 4 modes available with the 5000 (Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive and Whitening)
  • The Pro 7000 has 10 days of battery life compared to the 7 of the SmartSeries 5000.
  • The 7000 comes supplied with a premium travel case compared to the basic travel case of the SmartSeries 5000.
  • The 7000 comes with an extra travel pouch/bag that the 5000 does not.
  • The 7000 comes with 5 brush heads included (2 x CrossAction, 1 x FlossAction, 1 x 3D White and 1 x Sensitive) compared to the 3 supplied with the 5000 (1 x CrossAction, 1 x 3D White and 1 x Sensitive).
  • The SmartSeries 5000 comes with a smartphone stand.
  • The Pro 7000 comes with a Smart Wireless Guide.
  • The Pro 7000 is Black in colour compared to the Blue of the 5000.
  • The 5000 is the cheaper of the two brushes.

The 5000 model is somewhat confusing as over the years there have been different variations of this model, each with small differences, be that box contents or its name.

For the sake of keeping things simple and short, the following table highlights how the models differ.

It is the SmartSeries 5000 (2016 Edition) that I speak about here as I compare to the Pro 7000.

Detailed Comparison: What’s the difference between the Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 and Pro 7000?

What set’s these two brushes apart is in all reality a few very minor things.

However, depending on your circumstances will depend on whether these differences are important.

There are in fact 9 distinguishable differences, which are noted in the bullet points above, but I shall now discuss each difference in a little more detail.

Starting with the cleaning modes.

The Pro 7000 has 5 cleaning modes (Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening and Deep Clean) compared to the 4 modes available with the 5000 (Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive and Whitening).

The additional deep clean mode found on the Pro 7000 is a mode that lasts longer for as the name implies a deeper clean.  This is not necessarily designed to be used everyday, but might be used once a week to give that extra bit of attention to the teeth.

There is too a small difference in the way that these modes are accessed on the brush.

With the 5000 you press the power button to cycle through the different modes, whilst the 7000 has a button separate from the power, that should be pressed to cycle through the modes.

The slimmer SmartSeries 5000 has an internal battery, not a user replaceable one like the Pr 7000 but the difference between the two is that the 5000 will offer 7 days of battery life compared to the 10 of the 7000.

To gain the extra 3 days battery life the profile of the 7000 is thicker, larger and heavier than the 5000.

So whilst the 5000 may offer only 28 minutes of brushing time compared to the 40 of the 7000 the bulkier in hand experience might not be for everyone.  However, it does mean going for longer between charges.  Good for travelling.

For the sake of comparison, the 5000 measures in at:

  • Height (without head) – 19.5cm
  • Height (with head) – 23cm
  • Width – 2.5cm
  • Thickness – 3cm
  • Weight (without head) – 124g
  • Weight (with head) – 130g

The 7000:

  • Height (without head) – 20.5cm
  • Height (with head) – 24cm
  • Width – 3cm
  • Thickness – 4cm
  • Weight (without head) – 163g
  • Weight (with head) – 168g

Both come with a travel case and ultimately both will protect either toothbrush and up to 2 brush heads when inside.

Both are of plastic construction, but it is the Pro 7000 that boasts the most premium finish.

Rather than a cheap yet effective moulded plastic case that comes with the 5000, the thinner opaque case is replaced with a much more robust construction that is finished on the outside with a soft touch black material.

Inside rather than basic and functional clipping points, the case for the 7000 has a lovely moulded design which is more pleasing to the eye and smooth to the touch.

The downside to this is that the 7000’s case is slightly larger and heavier but it feels and looks the better product both from a visual and impact resistant point of view.

Regular travellers, business users in mind, may feel the 7000’s case is the better option.  Whilst if you travel fairly infrequently, with maybe a couple of holidays a year, then the 5000’s case is perfectly fine.

A small, but not necessarily required extra that comes with the 7000 and not the 5000 is a travel pouch/bag.  This is an extra accessory that could be useful for storing the charging stand and smartphone holder in.

As the Pro 7000 does not charge in the case, if you are travelling for extended periods you will need to take the charger, this pouch acts as a travel bag for that.

Oral-B’s range of brush heads extends to 6 different options.

Few of us will ever need or want all 6, but some are better suited to different cleaning modes found on the brushes.

The 7000, comes with 5 brush heads included.  These are 2 x CrossAction, 1 x FlossAction, 1 x 3D White and 1 x Sensitive.

Compared to the 3 supplied with the SmartSeries 5000 which is supplied with 1 x CrossAction, 1 x 3D White and 1 x Sensitive head.

If you would like to know more about each brush head and how it best integrates with the different cleaning modes, read our ultimate guide to Oral-B brush heads that explains the differences. 

In some respect the inclusion of additional heads with the 7000 is a waste if they are not to be used, but the inclusion allows you to try them and find out how they work and if they work well for you.  Oral-B would suggest advantage by using the appropriate brush head with the appropriate cleaning mode.

Although the 5000 does not come with as many heads, you can purchase any of the 6 different brush head styles available as accessories for the brush.

Whilst similarities between these two models will be discussed at length shortly one feature they both share is Bluetooth connectivity, whereby the brush can pair to the phone via an app.

Using this app you can monitor your cleaning progress live, with helpful prompts and tips.

The problem is you really need your phone for this.  With the Pro 7000, you need to hold your phone or leave it on a countertop in view.  With the Pro 5000 you have a stand included that will hold the smartphone at an ideal viewing angle in portrait or landscape orientation.

A small but useful accessory that allows you to see what is happening on the phone screen, but also keeping your phone away from water and off bathroom surfaces.  If you are to make best use of the app, then this stand goes some considerable way to helping with that.

Believe it or not, I believe this stand is a ‘better’ solution than the complicated suction cup clamp arm solution supplied with the Genius range, but this is required to take advantage of the advanced features it offers.

As you might expect the 7000 does have another trick in the box and this comes in the form of the Wireless Smart Guide.

Personally I feel this is one of the best accessories to ever be created for a toothbrush, but sadly Oral-B seem to be dropping this from their model range.

It is a little oval shaped object that is powered by 2 x AA batteries.  It looks like a small clock and acts as this when not in use.  This connects to the Pro 7000 when it has been switched on.

When running, the display shows how long you have been brushing for, an icon to depict which of the cleaning modes is currently in use as well as a smiley/sad face depending on how good your clean is and finally a star rating, judging the overall clean. Think of it as a little training aid.

I can’t really put a price on this.  

It can be easy to get distracted and think how long have I been brushing for and this tells you.  Also the sad or smiley face is a gentle nudge to get it right too.

A small but perhaps important difference is the colour.  The 5000 sports a gloss which plastic body with raised plastic grips on the rear of the handle, but the front is flanked with a soft touch Royal Blue rubber strip that runs top to bottom.

The 7000 on the other hand has a matte black rubber finish to the vast majority of the brush with 2 silver panels that are a it glossier to the touch on the right and left hand side.  The rear rubber grip is etched with grooves to help with grip.

So then to the final difference which is the price.

Prices are always changing, but at the time of writing, the 5000 is the cheaper, with the 7000 commanding a premium of £50.

When the 5000 is already around the £80 mark, a further £50 is not to be sniffed at and diminishing returns are what you get for the extra spend.

As I can see it the 5000 represents the better value option, even if the 7000 does offer a bit more in the box.  

Even then, if you are looking at the 7000 or decide it is the one for you, there are other similar brushes at this price point that might be worth considering, namely the Genius 9000.

That is then the key differences between these two models.

Similarities do exist though and I shall quickly run through some of these to ensure your familiarity.

The brush is sealed and is resistant to water, so it can be rinsed under the tap for a clean.

Both use the same charging stand and come supplied with one in the box.  This stand sits on a countertop and connects to a 2 pin socket found in most bathrooms.  If you do not have a socket in your bathroom, you will need to purchase an adapter to use it with the 3 pin mains here in the UK.  Learn about why this is here

Both do a fantastic job of cleaning the teeth.

Both models have built in timers.  Typically the timer lasts for 2 minutes but different cleaning modes can last for different time periods.  Both also have a pacer/quadpacer built in.  This is part of the timing mechanism which via a slight pause in the brush motor alerts you to focus cleaning on a different area of the mouth once a set time (usually 30 seconds) has passed.

A pressure sensor on the back of the brush handles will illuminate red, if you are brushing too hard.  It acts as a visual indicator to relieve some of that pressure as failing to do so can damage the teeth.

Both have Bluetooth connectivity.  This allows your toothbrush and smartphone (Android or iOS) to communicate via an app and transfer data between the two.  

It works a little like having a dentist with you at all times.  Logging your cleans, when you used mouthwash, when you flossed and how well you cleaned.  Tips and tricks are provided along with integration into your calendar and more.

Both come with a brush head storage compartment, that has a lid to protect up to 4 brush heads, when not in use.  This same moulded plastic tray has a cutout into which the charging stand can fit, to give a neat countertop installation.

And finally for added peace of mind they come with a 2 year warranty, that can be extended to 3 when the brush is registered online.

Does one clean better than the other?

The 7000 offers one extra cleaning mode, deep clean, but this is not justification that it cleans better than the SmartSeries 5000.

Both brushes have delivered to the brush head, the same power and generate the same number of oscillations and vibrations.

There is no difference in the clean between either of these brushes.  

The only difference is you or I as the user of the brush moving it about our moths and targeting the teeth and gums correctly.

Thankfully, if you make use of the app, you can even get help on how to do a better job thanks to the training and advice it provides.

Is one better priced than the other?

Yes, the SmartSeries 5000 is the cheaper at around £50 less.

Whether the extra spend is worth it will depend on your desires.  The extra battery life and travel case particularly command some extra value.

However, the benefits gained for the extra spend are in my opinion limited.

Apportion this over the usual life of a toothbrush of 3+ years and the difference is negligible really, but it is a difference nonetheless.

Prices are always changing so the true value and difference you will need to calculate at the time of making your decision.  

Ultimately it is about finding the best price available when you come to buy and paying the price you are happy with.

Conclusion & which one should I buy?

The SmartSeries 5000 is my recommendation and winner in this head to head when taking everything into consideration.

Yes the 7000 has a place and is by no means a bad brush, but the price is restricting given the added extras.

The 5000 offers way more than the essentials and more than equivalently priced products from other brands.

If something compels you to the 7000, to look at the Genius 9000 as an alternative.

The 5000 is a solid all round package that works well for an individual or in a family environment.  A balance of price, portability and function come together nicely.

More Information

To find out more about either of these brushes why not click the relevant links below to be taken to the manufacturer’s website, to our hands on written reviews which include video or to one of our recommended outlets to purchase one at the best price possible

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Your Opinions

Ultimately, whatever brush you decide upon, it is you who needs to make the decision; but do so based on which is best for your needs or the end user, if you are purchasing on behalf of somebody else.

Only pay the price you are happy with and do not be led into buying something if it is not right.

Hopefully we have presented the facts and made the whole decision process that little bit easier.

If you found this useful, have any thoughts and opinions from going through this choice process yourself of have used either brush and want to comment, please do using the comments section below; what you have to say could be of real benefit to somebody else.

​*Please note any prices stated below were correct at the time of writing and may have changed by the time you come to buy. We always recommend checking the prices of several retailers before you make a purchase.

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