Oral-B Pro 2500 v Pro 4000

Editor’s Note

In 2017 Oral-B have launched the Pro 2 2500 and the Smart 4 4000. These are replacements to the Pro 4000 and the Pro 2500 being compared here.

The primary difference is the new 2017 models come with a Li-Ion battery compared to the NiMH battery in the brushes we compare here. This doubles the battery life.

The conclusion from the original comparison (below) has changed and the Pro 2 2500 is our primary recommendation.

Our Choice
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Black Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Colour May Vary
Oral-B Smart 4 4000N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered By Braun, 1 App Connected Handle, 3 Modes with Whitening and Sensitive, Pressure Sensor, 2 Toothbrush Heads, 2 Pin UK Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Oral-B Smart 4 4000
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Our Choice
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Black Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Colour May Vary
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B Smart 4 4000N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered By Braun, 1 App Connected Handle, 3 Modes with Whitening and Sensitive, Pressure Sensor, 2 Toothbrush Heads, 2 Pin UK Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Smart 4 4000
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

Which one would we choose?

Our Choice: The Pro 4000 (view on Amazon)

2nd Choice: The Pro 2500 (view on Amazon)

Electric Teeth Verdict:

Two slim profiled and capable electric toothbrushes.  The Pro 2500 commands a premium for the limited edition Black rubber grip but it is the Pro 4000 that as a toothbrush offers more.  Sadly you have to pay for it, but it is more versatile to a user and could appeal to those looking for a toothbrush for the family to share.

Key differences

  • The Pro 4000 comes with 4 cleaning modes (Daily Clean, Gum Care,Sensitive & Whitening) compared to the 2 modes on the Pro 2500 Black (Daily Clean & Gum Care)
  • The Pro 4000 comes with 3 brush heads included (CrossAction, Sensitive & 3D White) compared to the 1 (CrossAction) of the Pro 2500.
  • The Pro 4000 comes with a brush head storage compartment.
  • The Pro 2500 comes with a travel case.
  • The Pro 2500 has Black rubber front compared to the Blue of the Pro 4000.
  • The Pro 2000 is generally the cheaper of the two.

Detailed Comparison: What’s the difference between the Oral-B Pro 2500 Black and Pro 4000?

Let me start by clearing up something that may be a bit confusing.  The name of the Pro 2500.  You may see it named this, or followed by the word Black.  Whatever it is named wherever you see it, within the UK , they are the same product.

The reason the name is interchanged is because the Pro 2500 is only available with the Black rubber gripped handle from which the name is inspired and there are no alternative colour options for this model. It is essentially a limited edition model with this colour option.

Subsequently, this limited edition colour is one of the obvious differences between the 2500 and the 4000.  The 4000 sports a Blue rubber grip running down the face of the brush handled compared to the Black on the 2500.

Pro 4000 front of brush

Both have an accented white power button and contours in the rubber that form grips above and below this.  On the rear, the body of the brush is a gloss white plastic and has a series of ridges running down it.  These are plastic and can be a bit hard to the touch but there stop the brush slipping out of the hand.

To the front, the lower third of the brush handle is where you will find the battery status and charging icon.  The battery icon will run from green to orange to red as the battery depletes and when charging the battery and charger icon will slowly flash green.

The battery built into these brushes is not all that big and lasts approximately 28 minutes or 7 days, based on one user.  Philips brushes are slightly larger but are generally 3 times better in battery life.  They can be more expensive though.  More on that in other articles.

When the battery does deplete and needs a recharge, pop either onto the supplied charging stand and leave it typically 8-12 hours for a full charge.  The brush can be left on the charger even if the battery is not depleted, it will not do any damage; although it is recommended to discharge the battery fully every 6 months.

oral b pro 4000 handle

If you are not aware the charging stand that has a 2 pin connector that attaches to a shaver socket in a bathroom.  If you do not have one, you can purchase an adapter to allow you to connect it to a conventional 3 pin UK mains socket.

Take a look at the back of the top of the brush handle on both the Pro 2500 and 4000 of the brush handle is a red piece of plastic moulded into the handle.  This is the pressure sensor notification light.

When in use, if too much pressure is applied when cleaning the teeth, an LED behind the red plastic lights up and gives a visual indication to your or I using the brush that we are brushing too hard.

When the pressure is relieved, the light will go out.

This is very handy if you are not used to electric toothbrushes or have been told you are brushing too hard as the brush will tell you when you need to stop.

Both brushes offer this.

Once you are used to the amount of pressure you need to apply then you will never illuminate the sensor or very rarely, thus making it almost redundant.  

Only when in hand do you appreciate the size and form factor of these brushes.  They are identical in size and weight and are comfortable to hold.  Both measure in at (with brush head) 23 x 2.5 x 3 cm and weigh 130g.

The Pro 4000 comes with a moulded plastic brush head storage compartment, complete with lid.  Housing up to 4 brush heads, this housing snaps to the charging dock to provide a neat charging and brush head storage solution.

Lift the lid to reveal the 4 compartments and place unused or spare heads here.

I really like this, great if you are tidy minded.

As the 4000 comes with 3 brush heads in the box, this is a practical addition, something not found with the Pro 2500 Black.

oral b pro 4000 with brush heads

In the box with both brushes is 1 x CrossAction brush head, but the 4000 comes with an additional  Sensitive and 3D White head which work perfectly with the additional cleaning modes the handle offers.

The inclusion of the Sensitive brush head fits in with the additional Sensitive cleaning mode and the 3D White with the whitening mode on the 4000.  

Both share the Daily Clean and Gum Care mode.

You can use any of the brush heads with any of the cleaning modes, but some work better with different cleaning modes than others.

oral b pro 4000 brush head

There are a series of 6 interchangeable brush heads available for these toothbrushes.

  • TriZione
  • Precision Clean
  • CrossAction (Supplied with the Pro 2500 & 4000)
  • 3D White  (Supplied with the Pro 4000)
  • FlossAction
  • Sensitive (Supplied with the Pro 4000)

To find out more about each brush head and which cleaning mode it works take a look at the following table. 

The mentioned cleaning modes all do something different, it is not just a clever marketing ploy, but how exactly do they differ?  Our cleaning modes explained guide goes into a lot of detail about each mode.

Dentists recommend a 2 minute cleaning cycle twice a day to maintain healthy teeth.  With 4 quadrants in the mouth, (bottom right and left, along with upper right and left) you should  spend 30 seconds on each during the 2 minute cycle.  Both brushes have built in timers to assist with the 2 minute clean along with a quad pacer that alerts you to the 30 second intervals, so you know when to change quadrant.

The Pro 2500 does come supplied with a bonus item that the more premium Pro 4000 does not.  This item is a travel case.

If you regularly travel and spend time in various location overnight, this travel case can be a real bonus for keeping your brush and up to 2 brush heads stowed and protected.

For many, me included, it is not essential, the brush can always go in a wash bag, but it does stop the brush heads getting damaged and accidental activation of the brush handle.

Another noteworthy point, that applies to both brushes is that Oral-B do supply each brush with a 2 year warranty, which can be extended to 3 years, if you register the brush online.  This covers part failure and not things like user damage.  

Does one clean better than the other?

No.  Both do a great job of cleaning your teeth if you clean regularly and with the correct technique.

We mention the importance of technique.  The electric toothbrush can only do so much.

Your technique has a big part to play, read our guide on how to clean your teeth correctly to make sure you are doing it right.

An electric toothbrush will ensure a more regular and balanced clean across the teeth and mouth than manual brushing might hence you will often see claims of 100% more plaque removal.

Where the Pro 4000 might be perceived to clean better and arguably does is when we look at the modes not offered on the 2500, the Sensitive and Whitening. Depending on your personal needs and desires these could be favourable, but to day the 4000 will offer a better clean is unjust as the 2 modes these brushes share offer exactly the same performance.

Is one better priced than the other?

Yes, the Pro 2500 Black is the cheaper of the two generally speaking.

We have reviewed each brush in depth (links at the end of this post) and at the time of writing they worked out at 7p and 8p per day to own, over the course of 3 years based on one user.

At the time of writing this comparison the Pro 2500 Black has dropped to 6p per day, compared to the 8p of the 4000.  

Prices are always changing and since the review the ‘average’ sale price of the Pro 4000 is now around £48 and a 7p per day ownership cost.

So really it is about finding the best price available when you come to buy and paying the price you are happy with.

All things considered, the 4000 is still my preference.

pro 4000 from above

Conclusion & which one should I buy?

Two slim profiled and capable electric toothbrushes.  There is nothing to criticise on the way they look and feel in the hand.

Both could have better battery life and it would be nice if both came with a travel case.

The Pro 2500 commands a premium for the limited edition Black rubber grip but it is the Pro 4000 that as a toothbrush offers more to you and I as a user. Design is just a tiny part of a much bigger picture.

The Pro 4000 is better equipped with different cleaning modes and brush heads for those more serious about keeping their teeth clean or for those with more complicated oral healthcare needs.

The provided brush head compartment is a nice touch and could work well for a family.  Though if a family electric toothbrush is your desire, do consider the more expensive Pro 6000 as that may offer long term better value.

Your Opinions

On reading this you may have found neither is right and there are many brushes from Oral-B you could consider, in which case you should find our Oral-B comparisons page useful.​

Ultimately, whatever brush you decide upon, it is you who needs to make the decision; but do so based on which is best for your needs or the end user, if you are purchasing on behalf of somebody else.  

Only pay the price you are happy with and do not be led into buying something if it is not right.

Hopefully we have presented the facts and made the whole decision process that little bit easier.

If you found this useful, have any thoughts and opinions from going through this choice process yourself of have used either brush and want to comment, please do using the comments section below; what you have to say could be of real benefit to somebody else.

​*Please note any prices stated below were correct at the time of writing and may have changed by the time you come to buy. We always recommend checking the prices of several retailers before you make a purchase.

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