Oral-B Pro 2500 Review

Oral-B Pro 2500 Review


The brush featured in this review has been discontinued.  A new and upgraded replacement model has launched.

The new version of this brush is the Oral-B Pro 2 2500.

You can read our Pro 2 2500 review here  (we actually rate it as the best overall electric toothbrush) or order it here from Amazon.


  • Slim handled brush with good grip
  • Pressure sensor – Be alerted when brushing too hard
  • Travel case included


  • Battery life is just 7 days
  • Battery status – More feedback would be good

The 3 BIG Questions about the Oral-B Pro 2500…

If you are short of time, the answers to the following 3 questions should let you know all you need to about the Pro 2500. If we have missed something, let us know in the comments.

If you want more detail, you can read the full Oral-B Pro 2500 review further down the page or watch our video review.

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush?

No, it is a good brush which we have given a rating of 4/5.

However, value for money wise there are probably better options if the colour and box contents is not so important to you. We look at the pros and cons further down the page, but one of the main drawbacks is also one of the pros to this brush, is that it commands a premium as it is considered more of a limited edition model.

Oral-B Pro 2500
8,513 Reviews
Oral-B Pro 2500
  • Oral-B 3D technology movement: Round toothbrush head oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up 100 Percent more plaque vs manual toothbrush
  • Protect your sensitive gums: Visible gum pressure sensor reduces brushing speed and alerts if you brush too hard
  • From day 1: Gently whitens your teeth from 1st use by removing surface stains and plaque
  • Two cleaning brushing modes: Daily clean and gum care
  • Oral-B is the No. 1 brand: Used by dentist professionals and approved by the Oral Health Foundation

2. Which other brushes should I consider?

Slightly cheaper, with 1 less cleaning mode and a little less power is the Pro 600.  The Pro 2 2000 is the ‘best’ alternative for value in our eyes whilst the Smart 4 4000 could be an option if you want to stretch the budget a little to gain a few extra cleaning modes.

Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Black Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Colour May Vary
Oral-B Pro 2 2000N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered By Braun, 1 Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, 2 Pin UK Plug
Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered by Braun, 1 Handle, 1 Toothbrush Head, 2 Pin UK Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Oral-B Pro 2 2000
Pro 600
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun, 1 Black Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Colour May Vary
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2500
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B Pro 2 2000N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered By Braun, 1 Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, 2 Pin UK Plug
Brush Name
Oral-B Pro 2 2000
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating
Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered by Braun, 1 Handle, 1 Toothbrush Head, 2 Pin UK Plug
Brush Name
Pro 600
Customer Rating
Electric Teeth Rating

3. Where’s the best place to buy the Pro 2500?

Typically we recommend Amazon because it is very competitive on price and has special offers running. It also offers free delivery. However, it’s always worth checking out other retailers as well. None-the-less it is always worth checking out other retailers, and of course eBay.

Below is a live price comparison of retailers selling the Pro 2500 / Pro 2 2500.

And now for a bit more detail…

The Black edition Pro 2500 actually strikes as more of a bolt on to the Pro range of brushes. Whilst technically superior to the 2000 it offers only a better box contents and different colour, whilst the Pro 3000 is actually more feature rich.

Think of the Pro 2500 as a premium 2000 if you have seen or read about that.

It is a premium entry level brush if that makes any real sense. Technically more capable but perhaps not the go to option for as many as other brushes might be.

By no means a bad brush, it is important to understand where this sits in the range to determine if right for you and what you are really paying the premium for.

Video Review

What’s in the Box?

  • Braun Oral-B Pro 2500 Black rechargeable toothbrush
  • Charging station
  • 1 x Brush head (Cross Action)
  • Travel case
  • Documentation

Oral-B Pro 2500 Key Features

  • Oral-B 3D movement cleaning system (pulsates and sweeps)
  • Removes 100% more plaque than a manual brush
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 2 cleaning modes (Daily Clean & Gum Care mode)
  • Visible pressure sensor
  • 7 days battery life
  • Clean timer including quadpacer

Pros & Cons

​The positives

  • 2 cleaning modes – Offering more than the standard ‘Daily Clean’ which is what the vast majority of users need and actually use, this brush offers ‘Gum Care’ mode too which is a bit more sensitive and does not offer up quite the same raw power as the daily clean mode. The provision of the two modes makes this a bit more useful and appealing to a wider audience of users.
  • Black colour – The black coloured rubber that runs down the front of the brush is somewhat of a limited edition making this perhaps more appealing to the male audience and a bit more prominent that some of the softer colour options found on other brush handles.
  • A slim profile – The Pro 2500 is an easy to use brush that fits comfortably in the hand irrespective of your age and movement in your fingers. Well designed contours and rubber grip stop the brush from slipping when wet.
  • Timed Clean – An audible warning when to change quadrant and when the 2 minute cycle is complete.
  • Pressure sensor – A rear mounted pressure sensor illuminates red should too much force and pressure be applied to the teeth. Acting as a visual indicator you are clearly made aware to reduce the pressure and chances of doing damage to the teeth.
  • Box contents – The inclusion of a travel case is a handy accessory even if you do not use it all that often.

The negatives

  • Price – The ‘premium’ colour and box contents in addition to the few number of sellers offering this brush allow the brush to hold a premium price point even over and above what is technically a more feature rich alternative from the same product line
  • Battery Status – No indication of how much power is in the brush, unless the battery is near to being depleted.
  • Battery Life – Up to 7 days life or 28 minutes of usage time which is weak in comparison to a Philips Sonicare brush such as the HX6511/50 which can last up to 3 weeks.
  • Timer – There is no physical timer or illumination to tell you to change quadrant or that the clean is complete

Design, Usability, Clean & General Use

There is that saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and there is some truth to that with what you get in the Pro series electric toothbrushes from Oral-B.

Many models within the range use the same brush handle, with slight alterations to the colour and cleaning modes offered when that prominent white power button is pressed.

The physical size, shape and weight works for young adults through to seniors.

I do not think the design is perfect, in fact the high gloss white plastic body and hard grips that run down the back feel and appear cheap when you compare it to the soft touch rubber on the front.

However, it gives it a look that is unique, it works to achieve a price point and also be functional.  An all rubber handle would likely last less time and not allow the handle to keep the ‘as new’ look for as long.


Plastic with a white finish is the go to safe option in the electric toothbrush world. Functional, but not all that inspiring.

Weighing in at 130g complete with the brush head, it is not all that heavy and the built in rechargeable battery that lasts for 7 days which is acceptable, but not fantastic.

However, unless you are always on the go, a battery life greater than this is not exactly an absolute must, just more of an appeal.

Unless opting for the most premium Genius 8000 (view on Amazon) or Genius 9000 (view on Amazon) the brush handle is consistent across the Pro and TrZone series.

3cm thick the handle fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and the perfectly placed grips allow you to retain a grip, even when the brush is wet and the raised power button accented in white is firm, yet simple to press giving a nice responsive feel to the fingertip.  You cannot really fail to not you have activated the brush.

Unlike the Pro 2000, this 2500 ‘black’ model gets its name from the black coloured rubber strip that runs down the front.  The Pro 650 and 4500 also share this same coloured material.

It is a little more masculine and stands out in a bathroom.  I like the Black but as I will come onto later often begrudge the slight premium necessary to obtain this.

Within the handle of the brush is the battery, a rechargeable one at that and the remaining power is shown via an LED sat behind a frosted panel in the lower third of the handle.  Whilst it does not remain constantly illuminated it does flash red when limited power is left.  Generally speaking once it begins flashing you have enough for 2-3 cleans or 4-6 minutes of usage time left.

You do, too get a charging status icon, that flashes green when docked.

On this subject, on the bottom of the brush is a recess into which a prong on the charging dock sits.


Once the power button has been pressed, the Daily Clean mode will begin, a second press will launch the Gum Care mode and a third will turn the brush off.   A long press when in either mode will also turn the brush off.

If you would like to learn more about these cleaning modes available on the 2500 and other modes you are missing out on then read our post explaining Oral-B cleaning modes.

Whatever mode you are in you will activate the built in times. A standard brushing cycle is for 2 minutes which is the recommendation from dental professionals.

During the 2 minute cleaning cycle the brush will provide an audible warning via a slight pause in the brushing at 30 second intervals to tell you to change quadrant.

The brush continues to operate at the end of the cycle, unless you turn it off.

Brushing for the full 2 minutes is very important, but just as important if not more so is the right technique. Make sure you learn how to clean your teeth properly.  You should also note that it is vital to clean your teeth at least twice a day.  Always try to leave 45-60 minutes after eating before you decide to brush.

Whilst you can probably feel if you are applying too much pressure, having the brush tell you can be useful.

If ever too much pressure is applied during brushing, you will likely hear a change in the audible sound coming from the brush as the motor struggles but also reduces the speed to avoid doing damage to the teeth.

As this happens, the red plastic panel on the neck of the brush handle will illuminate a solid red colour until the pressure is reduced enough to deactivate the sensor.

Too much pressure can do damage to the enamel on your teeth, the stuff that protects them.

The bristles of the brush should virtually skim the surfaces of the teeth.


In the box with the Pro 2500 Black edition is what is now the ‘standard’ brush head included with most electric toothbrushes from Oral-B.  It is the Cross Action head.

With hundreds of bristles that are angled in different directions, it has been scientifically engineered, to ensure the bristles cross over different parts of the tooth surface more effectively than those brush heads that have standard straight bristles.

You can read more about how Oral-B replacement brush heads work here.

This does not necessarily mean the Cross Action brush head is better, it is just different and will suit some more than others.  The Cross Action head tends to work well with the daily clean as the angle of the bristles and the oscillating rotating motion of the head gets into gaps and along the gumline sweeping plaque and food out of crevices in which it resides.

If you are moving to an electric toothbrush for the first time, like a manual brush, an electric one needs replacing too.  The only difference here is that with an electric toothbrush it is just the head and not the whole handle.

Remember to change your brush head at least once every 3 months or sooner.  Any longer than this and the brush head may actually do more damage than good.  Set a reminder on your phone, in your diary or just check your brush head regularly.  You will notice that with official Oral-B brush heads, the bristles will actually change colour and fade as they get older and are used more.  If you have not changed your brush head for a while and the bristles look a bit faded, it is probably about time.


With any of the Pro Series, the brush heads are interchangeable so you can pick up alternatives if you prefer.  Thus if it came with a Cross Action brush head you need not stick with it.

You can purchase and use:

Used in a wet environment like a bathroom and of course the mouth, by their very nature an electric toothbrush needs to resist moisture.  The 2500 does of course and you can happily run this under a tap, use it in the shower and get it wet without fear of it failing to work.

Whilst it would likely survive complete immersion in water, we would not advise this.  In other words there is no need or you should avoid having the brush sit in a pool of water that covers it entirely.


A feature marketed on the Pro 650 Black but available on all Oral-B Pro series electric toothbrushes despite no information to suggest so on their packaging or website is a feature called ‘Sound Connectivity’ .

What you need to do is download the Oral-B app onto your iOS or Android device from the App Store. It is simply called ‘Oral-B App’.  Once installed go into the app settings and make sure in the that ‘Toothbrush Sound Recognition’ is switched on.

Providing you then have the app open on your smartphone or tablet when you go to clean your teeth, the built in microphones will listen out for the sound of the brush.

As it does, it begins a timer on screen and logs your clean in the app.

The idea is great but there are a few issues in my mind.

  1. Not all that many of us may have a phone or tablet to hand as we are cleaning our teeth
  2. The app does not automatically load or begin timing unless you have opened it up
  3. The app is engineered primarily for the more premium Smart Series brushes (Pro 6000Pro 6500, Genius 8000 & Genius 9000), which the 2500 is not a part of.

If you are really keen on logging your toothbrush activities then this has some benefit. It may be more interactive for children, as it does have some nice graphics; but the whole process feels like a bit of a hassle.

The logging is a way of changing brushing habits and acting as an educator and tool to improve oral health care but the Bluetooth connectivity on the Pro 6000 series is more reliable and the brushes can retain data so you do not have to open the app every time you brush your teeth.

As standard a 24 month warranty is provided with the Pro 2500, but register the brush online and you get an extra 12 months at no extra cost, so 36 months or 3 years in total.

Summary of Design, Usability, Clean & General Use

  • Slim and comfortable brush to hold and use, even if limited hand movement
  • 2 cleaning modes – daily clean and gum care
  • 1 brush head included
  • Alternative brush heads available
  • Built in quad pacer and 2 minute timer tells you when to change quadrant and finish brushing
  • 28 minutes of usage time
  • Sound connectivity option that works with an app to record your cleaning
  • Water resistant and can be used in the shower
  • 2 year warranty as standard, register online for a free additional year.


Battery Life

Mentioned earlier was the fact that the brush handles across the Pro series range of brushes are the same with the exception of the Genius 8000 & Genius 9000

This means that in terms of battery life they are all the same.

Although slightly slimmer than corresponding toothbrushes from Philips, the battery life is not quite as good.

Up to 14 cleans or 28 minutes of usage time is possible from the Pro 2500 so that is equivalent to one week’s usage for one person.

If you clean your teeth more than twice a day expect the number of days usage time to be less.  Also if you share the brush handle with someone else (not the brush head) then whilst the actual usage time is the same, the number of charges required will be higher.

Slightly thicker the Philips alternatives can last up to 3 weeks, so three times the power but for the vast majority, we have the charging station to hand meaning it is less of an issue.

Oral B could have increased the battery life but it would have made the brush thicker and heavier like their premium models.

Sadly Oral-B are using a Nickel Metal Hydride battery (Ni-MH) which compared to the newer Lithium batteries can have what is known as a memory effect.  This is where over the course of repeated charges the battery degrades.  This normally takes many months (18+) before it could become a problem and can be resolved with regular discharging of the battery.


In the box is a fairly basic but functional charging station.  Connect this charger to the 2 pin (shaver) socket in the bathroom, if you have one.  If you do not, you can purchase an adapter and you can use with conventional 3 pin mains in the UK.  The charger works on 220-240v.

The small prong on the top of the dock marries up with a recess in the bottom of the brush handle and will charge the brush fully in about 8-12 hours.  I tend to leave it on charge overnight. When charging the battery charging icon flashes green.

When power is low the battery status icon will flash and you will likely feel the decrease in brush power.

It is quite safe to leave the brush on the charging station/dock all the time, but do be aware this could reduce the batteries performance over the years.

It is always advisable every couple of months to completely discharge the battery, but is not absolutely essential.

Summary of Battery Life

  • 28 minutes of usage time or 7 days usage based on 2 cleans a day
  • Can be left on the charger
  • Takes about 8-12 hours to charge fully
  • A charger included in the box
  • Status icon flashes green when charging and red when battery is low
  • Works on 220-240v



The Pro 2500  has a recommended retail price of £69.99*.  You should be able to source at generally speaking 30-50% lower than this.

At the time of writing prices varied from full RRP down to around £35* with most coming in and around the mid 40’s.

We purchased our model for just £42.

This brush, like every other, requires replacement brush heads for each user every 3 months.  Replacement heads can be purchased in packs of 4 and are priced on average between £11 and £14

Using the average cost (based on one user) and ownership over 3 years (the same as the warranty period), the Pro 2500 will cost £76 or 7p per day to own.

This price does exclude the cost of water, toothpaste and electric to charge it, but you get a rough idea and is one of if not the cheapest decent electric toothbrushes available at the moment.

There is a good chance the brush will last longer than the 3 year period and using the same brush handle but switching heads with other users in your household will only help bring the cost down and drive more value from it.

The more advanced Pro 3000 which lacks a travel case works out around 1p per day cheaper (if picked up at the lowest price of £34 that we have seen) whilst the basic but functional Pro 600 is just 5p per day. These are savings of £10-20 over 3 years.

*Please note that all costs quoted are approximates and prices will vary based on location, supplier, time of purchase.  These figures should not be relied on as hard fact but as a guide, based on real information at the time of writing.

Summary of Price

  • Recommended retail price of £69.99
  • Generally available from £35-£45
  • Works out at around 7p per day over 3 years
  • Share brush handle with another user to extend value
  • Better value options available


Reliability & Long Term Use

Whilst we have tested the Pro 2500 for a few weeks, other Oral-B brushes have been on test with us and thousands of users for many years.  I personally have a brush that is still going fairly strong after 4 years of use between 2 people!

A robust design and construction we can be pretty confident in that if you opt for the Pro 2500 or any other Oral B brush it is quite likely it will still functional 4 or 5 years down the line, with a regular rinse and wipe down.

We have however reviewed and priced this on 3 years of ownership as semi-regular replacement of the brush is good practice to take advantage of improvements in battery and cleaning technology.

The weakest point is the battery.  After repeated charges and discharges it can fail and should it, they are not easy to replace. Remember, register your brush online to get a 3 year warranty, which is better than most would expect and gives you added peace of mind.  Because it is an internal battery, should it fail within 3 years or any other part, unless user damage it will be covered.



There is not that much to really fault with the Pro 2500 (view on Amazon), but there are better brushes out there for the money.

It offers the basic cleaning modes that most would want, but not the more advanced modes of the Pro 3000 (view on Amazon) or Pro 4000 (view on Amazon).

With the exception of the colour and travel case, it is not exactly an upgrade on the Pro 2000 (view on Amazon).

That said, the Black does look striking and a case is mighty useful when travelling. If Oral-B could have got a bit more life from the battery that would been a bonus too.

All that said a solid and respectable 4/5 rating.

Oral-B Pro 2500
8,513 Reviews
Oral-B Pro 2500
  • Oral-B 3D technology movement: Round toothbrush head oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up 100 Percent more plaque vs manual toothbrush
  • Protect your sensitive gums: Visible gum pressure sensor reduces brushing speed and alerts if you brush too hard
  • From day 1: Gently whitens your teeth from 1st use by removing surface stains and plaque
  • Two cleaning brushing modes: Daily clean and gum care
  • Oral-B is the No. 1 brand: Used by dentist professionals and approved by the Oral Health Foundation


Electric Teeth Rating

Size Guide

Height (without head) – 19.5cm

Height (with head) – 23cm

Width – 2.5cm

Thickness – 3cm

Weight (without head) – 124g

Weight (with head) – 130g

All are approximates

Oral-B Pro 2500 Brush Heads

The brush head that is supplied with the Pro 2500 is a Cross Action head.

You can then change the brush head to one of many on offer from Oral-B. There are 6 main brush head options that are compatible with the Pro 2500, these are:

Each brush head is designed differently and engineered to achieve different results that work with some electric toothbrush handles more effectively than others.

There are too the Ortho and Interspace/Power Tip brush heads which are more specialised for braces and dental work such as bridges, crowns and teeth implants.

You can find out more information along with a comparison of each brush heads in our post comparing Oral-B replacement heads.


  • Is the Pro 2500 an oscillating brush?
    • Yes, with Oral-B 3D motion that oscillates, rotates and pulsates.
  • What is daily clean mode?
    • This is the comprehensive everyday cleaning mode that works with the provided CrossAction brush head to effectively clean the teeth using the Oral-B 3D oscillating, rotating and pulsating technology to clean the teeth and remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual brush.
  • What is gum care mode?
    • Using a lower speed and power output through the brush head in conjunction with the provided Cross Action to clean the teeth and massage gums, stimulating blood flow and assisting in reducing sensitivity in the gums when brushing.
  • Does it have any other cleaning modes?
    • No, it has just two cleaning mode Daily Clean and Gum Care. For more cleaning modes consider the Pro, 3000, 4000, 5000 or 25000. If you want just one mode then opt for the Pro 600 or 650.
  • What brush head does it come with and what alternative ones can be used?
    • The brush head that is supplied with the Pro 2500 is a Cross Action head.  You can change the head with any others on offer from Oral-B. There are many that work with the brush handle.  There are 6 main brush head options that include Cross Action, Floss Action, 3D White, Sensitive, Precision Clean and TriZone.
  • Does the Pro 2500 have a pressure sensor?
    • Yes, it does.
  • Does the Pro 2500 have Bluetooth?
    • No, it does not.
  • Does the Pro 2500 have sound connectivity?
    • Yes, it does although it is not advertised with it.
  • Does the Pro 2500 come with a warranty & how long is it?
    • If purchased new from an approved retailer the Pro 2500 will come with a 2 year warranty which can be extended by a further year to 3 in total if you register the brush online on Oral-B’s website.
  • Does the Pro 2500 have a built in timer?
    • Yes.  Often referred to as the quadpacer; subject to the cleaning mode the brush will provide an audible warning through a slight pause in the brushing mode to tell you to change quadrants.  There are 4 quadrants to the mouth, and brushing is normally for 2 minutes.  The timer will active at 30 second intervals, with a different sound at the end of the 2 minutes.  There is no visual timer included, although you can see the pause in the brushing mode if watching the brush head itself.
  • How long does the battery last?
    • The battery lasts up to 28 minutes, which if used on the standard daily clean mode is 7 days based on 2 cleans per day.
  • Does it come with a smart wireless guide?
    • No, the Pro 2500 does not have a wireless smart guide included.  Consider the Pro 5000 for this.
  • Does it come with a charger?
    • Yes, a charging station is included with the Pro 2500.
  • The charger is 2 pin, how can I use it?
    • The charger is a 2 pin/prong charger designed to be used on voltages of 220-240 volts.  It is a 2 pin charger suitable for connecting to shaver sockets found in many bathrooms in the UK & Europe.  If you do not have a shaver socket, you can purchase an adapter that will allow the charger to be connected to a standard 3 pin UK mains socket.
  • Can this be fixed to a wall?
    • The Pro 2500 charging station or brush head holder has not been designed to be fixed to a wall.
  • Can I use the Pro 2500 in the shower?
    • Yes.  The Pro 2500 is waterproof so if you choose you can use it in the shower
  • Does it come with a travel case?
    • Yes, a travel case is included in the box.

Oral-B Pro 2500 Electric Toothbrush User Guide/Manual



Your Opinions

Do you own or have you used the Oral-B Pro 2500?

Are there certain features that you really like or dislike?

Let us know what you think about this brush and let others who may well be considering purchasing one know your opinions before they do.

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