DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks Review

Your dentist will likely tell you to floss regularly.  The newspapers and media might well suggest it is not necessary and that floss does not really work.

Why then, would I take the time to review the DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks?

There is still a place for floss, despite the headlines.

It is true that the evidence supporting the benefit of floss is limited, but interdental cleaning (the process of cleaning in between the teeth and gumline) is still important.

The media didn’t quite cover the whole story.

You see brushing with a toothbrush only cleans 3 of the 5 sides of the teeth.  Interdental cleaning can clean up to a further 40% of your teeth’s surface area.

A growing recommendation is the use of interdental brushes.  Think a small bottle brush style implement for your teeth.  Read our guide Interdental Brushes – All you need to know to find out more.

However floss is best used for gaps in the teeth that even the interdental brushes can’t get too.

Hence there is still a place for the DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks (view on Amazon).

Some may argue otherwise, but I do also feel that these disposable style picks are handy if you are out and about.  

For example you have had lunch break and you want to ensure no food is stuck.  Use Dentek floss picks to remove the debris and give a quick freshen up to the mouth without giving them a proper clean.

Interdental brushes can be transported with you but there is an added convenience to a floss pick.  Not only do they get in between the teeth, but the pick element helps remove larger stuck debris that interdental brushes may be a bit more awkward to use for.  Once done, throw it away.

Unlike a reel of dental floss where you pull it out to the length you want or need, these dentek comfort clean floss picks have a predetermined amount of floss mounted between 2 plastic arms.  This measures in at about 2cm/20mm.

This floss is not the widest I have seen, but it is more of a tape style floss with a silky finish than string and appears to be very strong.  I have not had a single one break, but I have read others who reportedly have them break quite frequently.

The floss is a fluoride coating and glides fairly well between the teeth.

A fresh mint flavour was present too for the first couple of passes, but these soon dissipates.

Not once did the floss break and even when I applied extra pressure it was the plastic of the frame that bent before the floss looked to snap. They are malleable and bend easier than say Oral-B’s floss picks, but for the intended purpose they are perfectly adequate.

The frame of the floss pick is white in colour and made from a thin plastic.

It measures about 7cm long, by about 4cm tall and just a couple of mm thick.

This may sound long, but actually it’s a good size to help with reach into the back of the mouth.  Compared to the old fashioned form of flossing, this is less awkward in my opinion.

Point to note however is that the pick is a little sharp, so it can poke you in the hand and give a little scratch, just something to be aware of.

The pick end of this tool is very thin at the point, but increases in thickness to help give strength and aid with the removal of debris.

Do not ever force the pick in between the teeth.  Use gentle pressure to push, loosen and remove debris that you might otherwise not be able to get out from your teeth.

Depending on your mouth, you may find if you have lots of tight gaps the extra pressure on the floss may well be too much and it slackens or breaks.  I got away with using just 1 pick each time, but you might choose to use 2.

The pack I purchased (available to buy on Amazon) came with 150 dentek comfort clean floss picks in.  Other pack sizes are available as are some slightly different designs from DenTek.

The pack was resealable too which is handy.  This keeps the freshness contained in the bag whilst also ensuring the picks don’t fall out all over the place!

I paid about £6 for the pack of 150, which makes each individual picks value about £0.04.  A basic reel of floss would work out cheaper than these picks, however part of the price is convenience.

I personally find the Oral-B Glide Floss Picks more enjoyable to use and better quality, but typically they are about 3-5 times the price.  For such a difference in price they are hard to justify.

Compared to regular floss this process is easier with the price to pay being the cost of the flossing sticks, and the environmental impact of the plastic that is used once and thrown away.

Ultimately it will be your preference, but at this price they are perhaps worth keeping to hand for that just in case scenario.  Keep in your car or in a draw at the office.

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