Dental Guides

On this page we include various dental guides that can help you to save money, look after the products you've purchased, and improve your dental health.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening: The Ultimate Guide In recent years, tooth whitening has become immensely popular. But when you first start researching[...]
Toothpaste ingredients: what’s safe and what isn’t?
What is toothpaste made of? Such a simple question, yet the answer is a long one. Many off-the-shelf toothpastes contain a[...]
2 Pin Plugs & Adapters for Toothbrushes Explained So you have just bought that new electric toothbrush, but wait, how do you charge it?  It has a[...]
Interdental Cleaning – Floss vs Interdental Brushes
Have you been told you need to floss or use interdental brushes? Are you wondering what the differences are and[...]
Dental Crowns & Tooth Caps: Costs, Procedure & FAQ
Quick Links How much does a dental crown cost?NHS vs private dental crownsDifference between a crown and a cap Overview[...]
Dental Implants: Costs, Procedure & FAQ (UK)
No matter how good your oral hygiene routine, circumstances may lead to you losing one or more of your teeth[...]
Electric vs Manual Toothbrush
Electric or manual, both toothbrushes are designed to help remove plaque, bacteria and debris from our teeth and gums to[...]
Cheap Aftermarket or Alternative Oral-B & Sonicare Brush Heads
Do you find the manufacturer original brush heads for your toothbrush too expensive? Are you looking for cheaper brush heads[...]
How to get cheap replacement brush heads
Have you been thinking that the cost of brush heads for your electric toothbrush are a bit expensive? Do you[...]
Dental Veneers: Costs, Types, Procedures & FAQ
Veneers are one of a number of different cosmetic dentistry options available to improve the look of your teeth. A[...]
How To Use Plaque Disclosing Tablets
What is plaque and what does it mean? Plaque is a sticky substance on the teeth that contains bacteria. It[...]
Denture Implants & Implant Retained Dentures: Procedure, Costs & FAQ
If you lose one or more teeth today, there are many fantastic options available to you, to fill that gap[...]
Snap on veneers: are these cheap veneers a viable alternative?
Veneers are one of a number of different cosmetic dentistry options available to improve the look of your teeth. Professionally[...]
Invisalign Invisible Braces: Reviews, Costs & FAQ
Many of us would like nothing more than for our natural teeth to be perfectly straight.  However, the reality is,[...]
Dentures: a guide to types of false teeth & their costs
Quick Links The key things you should knowTypes of denturesHow much do dentures cost?NHS or private? False teeth - The[...]
Toothpastes with and without microbeads
Toothpastes in the UK do not contain microbeads As of June 2018, toothpastes containing microbeads can no longer be sold[...]
Philips Sonicare Heads: The Ultimate Guide
Sonicare brush heads explained, compared and reviewed: which is best? Are you looking for Sonicare toothbrush heads? Are you confused[...]
Mini & Midi Dental Implants: Costs, Procedure & FAQ
If you have or are ever to lose one or more teeth, it is likely that you would wish to[...]
Colgate Brush Heads: The Ultimate Guide
Are you struggling to tell the difference between the Colgate toothbrush heads? Unsure which one you should use and when?[...]
Teeth Brushing Guide
Looking after your teeth and oral health is incredibly important. For the majority of us, all we need to do[...]
Electric Toothbrush Heads: Buying Guide & FAQ
Where to buy them, how to get them cheap, when to replace them and more Welcome to our hub page[...]