Brush your teeth in 10 seconds – Amabrush – The worlds first automatic toothbrush

Update June 2019:

Amabrush have filed for insolvency. You can read their statement about this here.  We do not anticipate the company continuing and no further products will be produced.

Update January 2nd 2019: 

We have now published our Amabrush review.

Major new update February 2018:

Amabrush have come a long way since their Kickstarter campaign in 2017.  This latest update follows those documented within this post.  Apologies if it is a little confusing, soon we will have hands on and a full detailed review that explains everything!

The first and most important thing to note is for those who have backed Amabrush, due to changes and improvements in design and tooling, the first units are not expected to now ship until July 2018.  This is later than expected, but hopefully the wait will be worth it.

In addition a new website has been launched where more information and updated images of the product are available.

The updates to the product are as follows:


Amabrush have updated their logo and branding slightly.  The new logo is as follows.

It is the ‘A’ that becomes the focal point of the logo and will find its way onto parts of the product.



A slightly revised design, the images show the flexible and easy-clean mouthpiece, designed to be suitable for all adults.

It is soft enough so that it does not damage the teeth and gums, but strong enough to produce great cleaning results.

Bristles remove bacteria thoroughly, while microchanels automatically dispense toothpaste from the connected toothpaste pod.

The cost of the replacement mouthpiece is €6

Tootpaste Pods

Packaged in a pack of 3, you have the choice of Extra-Fresh, Whitening or Sensitive toothpaste to choose from.

The toothpaste pod fits inside the handpiece and contains enough toothpaste to last a whole month.

FDA approved the senstivie toothpaste is fluoride free.

The cost of a pack of 3 replacement pods is €9.


The clever bit of kit that delivers the power to the mouthpiece the built in battery powers the motor to deliver 40,000 vibrations per minute.

It holds a toothpaste pod and feeds this into the brush head.

The handpiece is charged by being placed into a dock that itself is connected to mains power.

Lasting a month between charged, you need not connect a physical power cable to the brush handpiece itself.

You can buy the handpiece only for €59

Wireless charging station

This is the module that you place the handpiece into for charging.

A USB type-c power cable connects to this for power and to recharge the handpiece when docked.

Using inductive wireless charging the handpiece is held upright in this charging station.

It has too been designed to drain off any excess water that may come from Ambrush when docked, to prevent bacteria and germs away.

The rubber base of the charging station ensures the dock remains in place.

You can buy the wireless charging station only for €29

More updates and information on other accessories will come in the coming weeks and months.

USB-C Power Charger

This is the mains power adapter that will charge the Amabrush handpiece when sat in the wireless charging station.

It is made up of 2 parts.  The plug/power adapter and the USB cable.

The premium quality power adapter has a 2 pin Euro Plug (different to the 2 pin UK plug)  and a full sized USB Type-A port.

Also provided is a 1 meter (3.2ft) USB  Type-A to Type-C cable that connects between the power adapter and the wireless charging station.

You can buy the type-c charger only for €19

If you have not backed Amabrush and are wanting to try this out for yourself, you can pre-order this mouthpiece toothbrush from their site.  At the time of writing there are discounts available for pre-ordering.

There are 3 different packages available.

Starter Set – Basic

  • 1 x Handpiece
  • 1 x Mouthiece
  • 3 x Toothpaste pods
  • 1 x Charging station

Recommended retail price €179

Pre-order price €119

Starter Set – Pro

  • 1 x Handpiece
  • 1 x Mouthiece
  • 3 x Toothpaste pods
  • 1 x Charging station
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • Smart features

With the Bluetooth built in Amabrush will connect to the Amabrush App for Android and iOS.  By doing so you enjoy a lot of benefits and can make use of various possibilities. You can set different vibration modes (gum massage, whitening, burst mode,…) and configure your personal account for your individual cleaning-experience. Via the app you are able to re-order replacements and you get exclusive access to the Amabrush Community, where various benefits are waiting for you!

Recommended retail price €199

Pre-order price €139

Starter Set – Ultimate

  • 1 x Handpiece
  • 1 x Mouthiece
  • 3 x Toothpaste pods
  • 1 x Charging station
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • Smart features
  • Travel case

With the Bluetooth built in Amabrush will connect to the Amabrush App for Android and iOS.  By doing so you enjoy a lot of benefits and can make use of various possibilities. You can set different vibration modes (gum massage, whitening, burst mode,…) and configure your personal account for your individual cleaning-experience. Via the app you are able to re-order replacements and you get exclusive access to the Amabrush Community, where various benefits are waiting for you!

Recommended retail price €238

Pre-order price €169

These packages are different to those offered on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but backers will get what they originally were promised.

In addition to this, a subscription service will be coming too.

By subscribing you are set to get 15% off the price of items.

Full details are still to be provided, but this is likely to be around delivery of replacement mouthpiece/brush heads and toothpaste pods.

As you can see the Amabrush team are making great process and we look forward to getting hands on for a full review and to really understand what it is like to use.

Update 18th October 2017: 

A product similar to Amabrush called uFunbrush has launched on Kickstarter. It currently has early bird pricing available until November 27th. We have written about uFunbrush here.

Update 9th August 2017:

Amabrush launched on Kickstarter, on the 5th July 2017.

The campaign ran to the 5th August with a €50,000 target.

It ended having achieved €3,198,516, that is over 6000% of the target!

Some 26,832 backers dipped into their pockets to fund this and allowed Amabrush to become one of the top 30 funded campaigns ever on Kickstarter!

A massive congratulations to the whole Amabrush team. We will be reviewing Amabrush when it launches.

As a result of the extra funding, new features and accessories were added and made available to backers.

These extra perks are:

For hitting €500,000 the extras added were:

  • Bluetooth and an app
  • The ability to chose different cleaning modes
  • Change the brushing time
  • The ability to reorder parts with just one tap

For hitting €1, 250,000 the extras added were:

  • Sound and light indicator
  • Refillable toothpaste capsule
  • Large toothpaste bottles for refilling
  • The ability to use your own regular toothpaste

For hitting €2,000,000 the extras added were:

  • A travel case
  • A tongue cleaner
  • A modular charging station
  • A 15% discount code to all backers (before the deadline) to be used against add-ons.

For hitting €2,5000,000 the extras added were:

  • USB-C connectivity
  • UV Steriliser Lid

With the campaign now over, Amabrush are set to work on production and bringing the final product to market.

For those that missed out, you have the opportunity to still get a brush, all-be-it a little later than Kickstarter backers.  You need to head to Indiegogo where Amabrush can be purchased for delivery in early 2018.

We can’t wait to get hands on with the brush and give you our feedback.  Expect a review in early 2018!

In an industry as mature as the dental industry, it is not that often something revolutionary comes along, but now might just be one of those times.

Amabrush is ‘The world’s first automatic toothbrush’ according to the team and company behind it.

This unique product is designed to clean your teeth automatically and in just 10 seconds!

Yes, I am thinking the same as you, really?!

So what is the Amabrush?

It is made up of 3 parts, the mouthpiece, handpiece and toothpaste capsules.

The handpiece connects to the toothpaste capsules that in turn connect to the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is a one size fits all component made from antibacterial silicone that has 3D bristles to clean the teeth and built in microchannels that transport the toothpaste to your teeth.  It is soft enough to prevent gum damage but strong enough to clean your teeth and the silicone kills 99.99% of bacteria.

The mouthpiece is like your brush head on an electric toothbrush, this is the part that needs to be replaced every 3 months.

All the electronics are built into the handpiece, which attaches to the mouthpiece via magnets. A built in battery can last for 2 weeks and when switched on offers more than 40,000 vibrations per minute to oscillate the brustles and clean our teeth.  A mechanism delivers the right amount of toothpaste to your teeth.

The detachable module has a built in battery that can be charged wirelessly thanks to a technology called Qi (chee) charging, when required.

In between the mouthpiece and the handpiece is the toothpaste capsule.  Available in White, Blue or Green each capsule contains about a month’s worth of toothpaste.

This patented device brushes all your teeth at once, is fully automatic and finishes in just 10 seconds.  All you have to do is press a single button and wait for those 10 seconds and you will have perfectly clean teeth, or so they claim.

I am a little sceptical but actually incredibly excited by this prospect.

We have explained more about this kind of brush and how it works in our mouthpiece toothbrushes article.

How does Amabrush work?

The fundamental principle of how Amabrush works is similar to a regular manual or electric toothbrush.  However, where you would normally apply toothpaste and move the toothbrush around the mouth, with Amabrush, you put it into the mouth and loosely bite into it like you might a mouthguard.

Once in position, a single press on the button will launch this into action and begin brushing all your teeth, in just 10 seconds.

Once done, remove and continue your day.

Here are a couple of gifs that show Amabrush in action:


And here is the official promotional video:

The benefits of Amabrush

The advertised benefits of Amabrush are:

  • More Free Time – Save up to 100 days of your life just by using Amabrush
  • Antibacterial – Antibacterial silicone kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Bass-Method – Amabrush uses the recommended toothbrushing method by dentists
  • Environment – Low-voltage technology saves a lot of energy each time you brush your teeth
  • Zero Waste – The toothpaste is already included with the perfect amount
  • Furthermore – Waterproof and works with braces and dental prosthesis

Taken from their official website, the company do also provide some facts.

  • Fact #1 – Every other person avoids tooth brushing in the evening because they are too busy.
  • Fact #2 – The average tooth brushing time is 60 seconds instead of the recommended 180 seconds.
  • Fact #3 – During your lifetime, you waste up to 108 whole days just brushing your teeth.
  • Fact #4– Ninety percent of all dental and gum diseases are simply caused by incorrect tooth brushing.

Now, I know brushing your teeth is not the job we all really want to do, but these facts are a bit questionable. And should not be taken at face value.  No supporting evidence is provided to back these up and is brushing your teeth a ‘waste’ of time?

10 seconds of brushing

Amabrush should brush your teeth in just 10 seconds.

I would imagine, although it is not clear, that you will need to do this 2 or 3 times a day for effective cleaning, but there is a lot of time you could win back.

In fact, this is one of the selling points.

Amabrush have a tool to calculate how much time you could get back.

Apparently, simply by switching to Amabrush I could get back some 48 days, assuming I live to 80 years old.

That is a lot of time saved from not having to brush my teeth for as long.

This whole concept goes against dentist recommendations.

Generally advice is to clean for 2 minutes, twice a day, but here you could be brushing for just 20 seconds a day.

I believe until this product is actually available, tested and clinical studies carried out the advice will remain the same. However, I suspect many dentists will comment that this could be a safe and just as effective way to clean your teeth.

If you think about how you brush your teeth.  Although for 2 minutes a time, you are not spending 2 minutes on each tooth, in fact just a few seconds.

In fact, you spend just 1.25 seconds (120 seconds / (32 teeth * 3 surfaces)) with a normal toothbrush.

The difference with Amabrush is that its design means the whole 10 seconds of the cleaning time will actually be spent cleaning each tooth, therefore there is argument that it will actually clean your teeth better.

As silicone moulds, it will fit to the mouth better and perhaps get into some of the gaps and spaces possibly missed by regular brushing.

It has the support

Amabrush has been developed with dentists and more than two hundred customers.

It also has support from many institutions, financial and advisor related, so the future looks bright.

Launched on Kickstarter

I have not seen or used this product.  It has been detailed over at, and on 5th July 2017, launched on Kickstarter, hitting its goal in just 4 hours!  The first units will begin shipping in December.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website where the public invest in a product to allow the team behind it to make the product a reality; to manufacture and distribute it.

The regular price of the Amabrush will be $199, but it will be available through Kickstarter for just $69.  So, if you are interested there is a big saving to be had for those early adopters.

My thoughts

When I first came across Amabrush, I thought this is ridiculous.  The whole concept seems too good to be true.

However, the more I have thought about it, the more I realise this is a feasible and practical solution.

Knocking 110 seconds off each toothbrushing session seems like madness, and you can just imagine what a dentist would say.

However the Amabrush approach seems to spend 10 seconds cleaning all teeth, meaning each tooth actually gets more attention than it might under current brushing techniques of manual and electric toothbrushes, so could it be better?

I am really keen to get hands on and try this out.

Amabrush FAQ’s

I have not seen or handled this brush, so the following FAQ’s are taken from the manufacturers website and from what I have gleaned from reading about the product.

  • Are there different sized mouthpieces?

No. The mouthpiece is made to be a one size fits all product.  Manufactured from antibacterial silicone there is a natural flex which adapts to the users mouth.

  • How often should I replace the mouthpiece?

The recommendation is every 3-6 month’s.

  • How should Amabrush be cleaned?

The mouthpiece can be cleaned by rinsing with water.  However, the mouthpiece itself is manufactured from a silicone that kills 99.99% of all bacteria.

  • How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for up to 2 weeks or 28 cleans from a single charge.

This is a usage time of 280 seconds or 4.6 minutes.

  • How do you charge the Amabrush?

The electronics, including the battery are stored in the handpiece.  This module sits on a wireless charging plate.  This charging plate is connected to the mains power, but when the handpiece is sat on it transfers the power to the battery inside the handpiece without having to connect a physical cable to it.

Known as wireless charging using a technology called Qi (chee) it is commonly seen in smartphones and is the same principle of how most electric toothbrushes charge.

  • Dos each family member need a separate Amabrush?

No, the handpiece detaches from the mouthpiece.  Each user should have their own mouthpiece.

  • How long does the toothbrush capsule last?

If you brush your teeth twice a day (morning and evening), then a single toothpaste capsule will last for thirty-five days.

  • Does Amabrush clean my interdental spaces?

No, flossing is still required in order to clean your interdental spaces. Right now, Amabrush will only replace your common manual or electric toothbrush.

  • What comes provided with Amarush?

The final box contents is to be confirmed, but you should expect to receive an Amabrush mouthpiece, handpiece, toothpaste capsule and a wireless charging plate.

  • What is the cost of Amabrush?

The retail cost is $199.  There is the option to purchase from just $69 through Kickstarter here.

  • When will it be available?

A funding campaign has been launched via Kickstarter on July 5th and fully funded already.  The brush will be delivered in December.

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      You can buy one here and also get in contact with the Amabrush team via Kickstarter to find out more.

      I hope this helps.

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      The easiest thing to do is go to and sign in. Then choose ‘Backed Projects’. Under ‘Active Pledges’ should be your pledge to back the Amabrush. Click the white + icon in the lue circle and more details will appear.

      Towards the top are 2 tabs Reward and Messages. Reward is what loads up first, it will be underlined in Green. Tap Messages and send a quick message including the code to Amabrush and they should to the rest.

      I hope that helps.

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