Oral-B Triumph 5000 Review


The brush featured in this review has been discontinued.  A new and upgraded replacement model has launched.

The new version of this brush is the Oral-B Smart 5 5000.

You can find out more about it and what we think of it by viewing our Oral-B Smart 5 5000 review..

The 3 BIG Questions about the Oral-B Triumph 5000

For those of you that are in a rush, we’ll start this review by answering the 3 burning questions that you’re likely asking about the Triumph 5000. If there are any that we’ve missed, be sure to let us know in the comments!

For those of you that want more detail, you can read the full review further down the page, or watch our video review.

To provide the best possible insight, we review a wide range of brushes and frequently update our recommendations.

1. Is there anything drastically wrong with this toothbrush?​

No,  this was a great brush – we gave it an Electric Teeth rating of 5/5.

We look at the pros and cons further down the article, but one of the main negatives is the weight of the brush. Still, this is to be expected given the extra technology that it packs in and wouldn’t be an issue for the vast majority.

It has now been superseded and you should really consider the Smart 5 5000 from Oral-B instead.

2. Which other brushes should I consider?

The 5000 series sits just below the 6000 series in Oral B’s range and makes for a natural comparison.

In-fact, we’ve posted a hands-on comparison between the Triumph 5000 and the Pro 6000, and the 5000 was our preferred choice​.

This was mainly due to the lower price tag – the technology in the three choices listed below is very similar, so if one is vastly cheaper to the others when you check the price, that is the better choice. If they are similar in price, you are probably better off going for the 5000 or the 6000.

Also worth considering is the 4000 which sits just below the 5000 in Oral B’s range, although it’s not quite as good as the other two so it wouldn’t be the one to choose if you are looking for top of the range.

3. Where’s the best place to buy the Triumph 5000?

This brush is no longer for sale. Odd retailers may have some units left in stock, but you will generally find it hard to source now.  Ebay is likely your best option.

And now for a bit more detail….

Simply brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time is the most basic thing you should be doing to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

If you are serious about oral hygiene though, then investing in the best toothbrush can be of considerable assistance in achieving your goals.

The Oral-B Triumph 5000 Toothbrush is one such brush that promises a lot but does it deliver in everyday use? Watch our Oral B Triumph 5000 review video below or if you prefer, read on.

Who is the Triumph 5000 aimed at?

Braun are considered the market leaders in the electric toothbrush space, and they have a brush for everyone on any budget.

The Triumph 5000 on review here is most certainly geared to those who are willing to splash the cash on an electric toothbrush and really invest for the long term.

Whilst it is not the cheapest it is apparent when you look at the box contents and the key features as to why this is.

What’s in the Box?

  • Braun Oral-B Triumph 5000 Toothbrush
  • Charging dock
  • Brush head holder and tidy
  • Wireless smartguide with 2 batteries
  • Travel case for brush and two brush heads
  • 3 different brush heads (1x Sensitive Clean brush head, 1x Floss Action brush head & 1x 3D White brush head)

Oral B Triumph 5000 packaging

Oral-B Triumph 5000 Key Features

  • Rechargable
  • 5 customised brushing modes (Daily clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage and Deep clean)
  • Comes with a wireless smartguide to assist in achieving a balanced clean
  • Built in pressure sensor and LED notification light
  • Battery status icon

Pros and Cons

The positivies

  • There is a good box contents, including a charging station with brush head storage and travel case.
  • 5 different cleaning modes are available- Daily clean, massage, sensitive, polish and deep clean.
  • A pressure sensor illuminates when you press too hard with the brush.
  • Audible notifications give you an indications when to change quadrant for cleaning.
  • A good battery life lasting up to 10 days (based on 2 daily cleans of 2 minutes)
  • The Smart Wireless Guide can be a great visual indicator to help perfect brushing, especially with children or those wishing to perfect their brushing technique.
  • Various different brush heads are available (some sold separately).

The negatives

  • The Initial purchase price is higher than a lot of other electric toothbrushes, but the features can easily pay for themselves in the long term.
  • The different cleaning modes will not be for everyone.
  • Thicker and heavier than many electric toothbrushes, the 5000 may feel a little large for those with smaller hands.
  • The included wireless smart guide is not that much use once you have perfected your cleaning technique, but it does act as a helpful reminder.

Design, Usability, Clean & General Use

You might think that design and usability of a toothbrush is not all that important, they are all stick like object that you hold and put at least a third of in your mouth. To a point you are right, but believe it or not the differences between brushes can be quite vast and really affect how you use and ultimately benefit from the electric toothbrush.

​The Triumph 5000 is neither particularly thick (4.5cm) , thin or heavy (172g with head) and I would deem it just about right when in the hand.

​There are only two main keys on the brush, the main power and the brushing mode button.

Oral B Triumph 5000 Power Button

The Power button is the bigger of the two and sits towards the top of the brush, whilst the brushing mode button that scrolls through the 5 different cleaning modes sits about half an inch below that.

​The brushing mode button actually illuminates green when the brush is powered on to alert you to its presences.

​Both buttons are raised and require a firm push and give you the feedback in hand, even when wet that you have pressed them.

​It is in the lower third of the brush at the front where you see the battery status and SmartGuide status icons.

Oral B Triumph 5000 Review Photo

​On powering on the brush the SmartGuide indicator will illuminate to show communication and the battery status icon will illuminate green, providing it has sufficient power or it will flash red when power is depleting.

​On powering off the brush the battery status indicator stays on for approximately 15 seconds so you can easily see the remaining power.

​On the upper rear side is a piece of smoked plastic which appears to flow out of the stylish silver and white chassis of the brush.

​It is this that illuminates red to alert you when you are brushing too hard.

Triumph 5000 Flashing Red

​The majority of the rear has a rugged soft touch grip with a pronounced ridge central to it. When in the hand the index finger tends to rest on this.

​Being a Braun Oral-B brush, you have a wide choice of interchangeable heads, 3 of which come supplied in the box. Simply choose the one you want and click it in place. Specialist heads are normally sold separately.

​Provided too is a storage box for the different heads complete with cover which is useful although you need to clean it regularly as it has a tendency to get quite dirty as residue moisture from the heads collect in the tray. I do believe this could be designed better to avoid such.

The different cleaning modes are most certainly helpful and the different heads make a difference and this is where for the more disconcerting user you can really achieve that level of cleanliness.​

Oral B Triumph 5000 with spare heads

What I particularly like is if you are switching to this brush as your first electric brush, whilst the increased motion and cleaning power may come as a surprise to some, the sensitive mode will really help those who suffer from sore, bleeding or infected gums.

Even on the basic daily clean I can feel the difference. You might think the claim of removing 100% more plaque is false, but having used the brush, I would tend to agree.​

Quite simply, compared to a manual brush there is no comparison.

About once a week I will opt for a deep clean and a polish to ensure I have the best clean I can. You could do this more often if you choose, but with a good oral hygiene routine, it is not really necessary.

The wireless SmartGuide may seem somewhat of a gimmick, but it has transformed the way I clean my teeth.

Firstly, it acts as a clock for your bathroom, more helpful than you may think.

Secondly is actually helps you clean your teeth to a good standard, and for children or adults alike there is a benefit.​

The display shows the cleaning mode you have selected and has a timer when the brush is in use, a star rating and a face that appears inside of a diagram of the quadrants of the mouth.

Taking a normal two minute clean, the timer counts up to the two minutes, whilst the quadrant graphic changes colour as each 30 seconds passes.

As each 30 seconds passes, the brush also beeps as an audio signal to you that it is time to change quadrant.

During this time, a smiley or sad face will appear depending on how well you are cleaning your teeth. Too much pressure and there is a sad face along with the red illumination on the brush. If you do apply too much pressure, the brush will automatically adjust the speed of the oscillation to reduce the chances of doing damage to the tooth or gums

Oral B Triumph 5000 with wireless smart guide

At the end of the cycle the brush will beep 3 times, but continue to operate if you wish to brush for longer.

On the wireless smartguide you are then presented with a final star rating based on your performance. 4* is easily possible if you brush for the full 2 minutes and do not apply too much pressure at any point.

Battery Life

​The battery life on any toothbrush is not an exact science. It will depend on how many people use the brush, how many times a day users actually clean their teeth and the brushing mode selected.

As a general rule with two of us sharing this brush and brushing twice a day with the daily clean mode, we get about 6 days of use from it, until it would benefit from a charge again. That equates to approximately 50 minutes of usage time.

Whilst it may be possible to squeeze a little extra out of it, you do feel the loss of power.

For a full charge I tend to leave it charging for about 10-12 hours, but just 20 minutes on charge will give you enough to get through a clean.

Oral B 5000 Brush with wireless smart guide

​Complaints online would suggest the battery on this model can be faulty. I have experienced no issues and any product is susceptible to faults, but a 12 month warranty offers peace of mind.

The charging stand itself comes with a 2 pin cord which is about 1 meter in length and the stand is sturdy with 4 rubber feet to keep it safe on a desktop.

It is worth noting that the battery life of the batteries in the SmartGuide is also particularly impressive. In around 2 years of use, I am about to change the batteries for the third time. At present the low battery status has been showing on the guide for 2 months, but it is still working. If you tend to wander further away from the SmartGuide when cleaning your teeth this can have a negative impact on the battery life as it is working harder to transmit information between the two. It can be possible to go out of range too, but they soon get back in sync when you come back within range.


As I write this, the current price of this brush is £88 on Amazon; but back in December 2012, I paid a reasonable £68.

Technically the Triumph 5000 has been replaced, but is still available if you wish to pick one up.

The current price is In line with the current crop of high end toothbrushes and offers in my opinion exceptional value even now at the higher rate.

The long term cost of a brush comes down if more people use it. Not including replacement heads the brush itself has cost me little more than 4p per day at the time of writing (£68/(365*4)) and is reducing every day.​

Reliability & Long Term Use​

Whilst we like to test toothbrushes for as long as possible and often come back to update reviews, the 5000 is in fact the longest brush we have had on test; the reason being it is my brush of choice.

It has been used by two people for two years and it is still going strong.

The battery life has depleted marginally, but regular full charge and discharge of the brush helps retain this.

The whites of the brush have discoloured slightly but fared well all told considering I do not perform a regular clean, just a rinse under the tap and a towel dry.

Final Thoughts​

​I find it hard to find a fault with this brush. If I had to, it would be that the brush head storage tray is a fiddle to clean, that is how petty this negatives are for this brush.

It performs exceptionally well, the battery life is more than acceptable and my teeth feel clean after every brush.

​The SmartGuide has taught me to clean better and although I do not rely on it now after 2 years, it still acts as a good visual guide to reassure you you have cleaned properly or signify to you, you need to do better if that is the case.

Electric Teeth Rating

​Size Guide

​Height (without head) – 20.5cm

Height (with head) – 24cm

Width – 3cm

Thickness – 4.5cm

Weight (without head) – 167g

Weight (with head) – 172g

Oral-B Triumph 5000 Toothbrush User Guide/ Manual​

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  1. So you are supose to open the battery compartment with a plastic key located on the charger. Here is the problem with plastic, and in particular, the shape of the key: it takes very little effort to ruin the shape of that key. I took mine out of the box, and the key that opens the batter compartment lost its shape before even being able to twist it open. Is it just me or would three metal prongs have been a smarter way to build this horrible garbage.

    • Hi Jacek, You have experienced this yourself or you have just read about it? I can honestly say that I have had the Triumph 5000 for 4 years now and the battery still performs well.

      • I did experienced myself and I found that I’m not the only one (previously attached link). My Oral B Triumph 5000 lying on the shelf. If I be able to borrow soldering iron I’ll try to use one of the instruction on the youtube how to replace battery. I will not pay over £50 for 2 years of using electric toothbrush.

        • Thanks for the reply. It is a shame that you and others have experienced such issues with your brush. Of course any product is subject to potential issues, but the fact that mine is still going strong is a sign that not all are affected. There are certainly some useful guides out there which could save you an expense, but do be careful as to not damage parts, so it continues to work. Good luck.

          • I’ll be careful, thank you.
            There is nothing what could get worse as the brush is not working right now.
            Except wasting money for new battery.
            I wish your toothbrush even longer life 😉

            • Jacek is right, mine after 2,5 years cannot hold the charge. After a 24 hours full charge, I can only use it 2 times until goes dead. Here they don’t even replace the battery, they are replacing the whole toothbrush (without the heads or charger) for a high amount

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